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Personal Chef Service

The following menu is a sampling of our most popular dishes. We create specials weekly and can prepare just about anything your heart desires. Most menu items are interchangeable, and we invite you to mix and match sauces and main items or even ingredients.

For example, you may want Chicken Teriyaki, but only see that preparation under the seafood menu as “Salmon Teriyaki”; this accommodation can easily be made. Another example would be using the preparation of Swedish Meatballs (under the Beef Menu) with ground chicken or turkey if you don’t eat red meat and/or prepared with fat free milk rather than cream if you desire low-fat meals.

This service is VERY personalized and every meal is prepared with your health and palate in mind. Thank you for choosing Foodini’s!

Serving all of New Jersey

Let's Start to Make Your Life Easier, Healthier & Happier!

We use the freshest possible hand picked ingredients and pride ourselves on integrity & passion. Our standards are very high in Foodini's Kitchen. Chef Deatcher has traveled extensively throughout South America, Europe,and the USA, gaining invaluable culinary knowledge and inspiration. John's dedication and gastronomic skills are evident in his worldly flavors which have no culinary boundaries.