Event Catering

Dinners Starting as Low as $12.50

The following is included in package pricing:

• Menu Planning
• Food & Preparation
• Packaging & Containers
• Detailed Handling and Heating Instructions
• Professional Service from an Award Winning Chef with over 30 Years in the Industry

The following are our most popular meal plans. Of course, Foodini's can create any number of combinations to suit your needs.

6-Meal Plan

3 Menu Selections

X 2 Portions each

= 6 Entrees

$175 - $228

12-Meal Plan

3 Menu Selection

X 4 Portions each

= 12 Entrees

$230 - $325

10-Meal Plan

5 Menu Selections

X 2 Portions each

= 10 Entrees

$275 - $375

20-Meal Plan

5 Menu Selections

X 4 Portions each

= 20 Entrees

$340 - $485

30-Meal Plan

5 Menu Selections

X 6 Portions each

= 30 Entrees

$375 - $575

All of the above personal chef service packages include a vegetable AND a starch side dish. Most other companies only give you one side dish per meal. We want to be sure your meals are nutritionally balanced. (Some entrées will have a repeat side dish. Some stews, casseroles and one-pot meals consist of proteins, starch and vegetable. In this case we prepare you fresh garlic bread, dinner rolls or corn bread as your side accompaniment.) We offer discounted pricing for “entrée only” service (You would prepare your own side dish or salad to enjoy with your entrée).

The pricing is based on your menu, market conditions and quantity of meals.

*Low fat & low salt methods of cooking are everyday practice at Foodini’s. Nitrates and preservatives are NEVER added. We always prepare your meals in the healthiest possible way, using fresh seasonal ingredients, healthy olive oils & sea salts. We can accommodate any of your dietary needs and even follow specific diet plans and recipes. Additional fees will apply for this customized service.

• Discount $2.25 per meal if you’d like an “entrée only” service (You would prepare your own side dish or salad to enjoy with your entrée).
• 7% N.J state sales tax & delivery (where applicable) not included in package pricing.
• Breakfasts, Lunches, Soups, Salads, Dressings, Snacks and Desserts are priced separately.

At Foodini’s Personal Chef Service, our goal is to exceed your expectations. This not only includes preparing some of the best meals you’ve ever tasted, but we will also save you TIME & MONEY!

Save Money By Hiring a Personal Chef

Try this experiment: Calculate your costs for lunch & dinner each week for one month, including take out, dining out and food that’s growing fuzz in your refrigerator. Now, add the time it takes to prepare a meal from start to finish, including shopping and clean-up or dragging your family out to the same old restaurant. I think you can see; you will win in more ways than one by engaging in Foodini’s Personal Chef Service. You have nothing to lose; there are no contracts or hidden fees. Try us today!