Brussel sprouts add a lovely touch of greenery to your holiday dinner table, yet they don’t always get the credit that they deserve for being packed full of flavor. Unfortunately, some people simply don’t know how to cook these nutritious balls of goodness, and you definitely want to go beyond just setting a dish of boiled sprouts out on the table. This year, try one of these fail-proof cooking ideas to get everyone on board with loading their plates up with a new favorite side dish.

Keep It Simple and Classic

Having a go-to side dish that you can rely on every year is easy when you know how to cook brussel sprouts in a way that enhances the flavor without being overly fussy. Once you’ve prepped the brussel sprouts, all you have to do is sauté them for a few minutes in an oven-safe pan with olive oil and garlic. Once you see them taking on a pretty golden brown color, you’ll then transfer the pan to the oven where they can finish cooking. Ideally, the brussel sprouts should be soft yet retain a bit of the crispness that they had when they were freshly-picked.

Create a Sweet and Savory Dish

Roasting brussel sprouts on their own is always an option, but you’ll make the dish go the extra mile by changing things up this year. Try roasting the brussel sprouts on their own by brushing them with olive oil and sprinkling them with salt. Next, brush cubes of butternut squash with maple syrup and roast them, too. Once the veggies are all done, mix them together in a bowl and top it with pecans. Everyone will be amazed at the unique blend of flavors that they get in each bite.

Roast Them With Other Seasonal Vegetables

Brussel sprouts taste delicious on their own, but you can increase the flavor by roasting them with other popular vegetables. When you’re looking for a meal prep service near me, check out our fall vegetable roast that fulfills everyone’s idea of a delicious side dish by combining carrots, bell peppers and other fresh-picked veggies with brussel sprouts to create a colorful medley. Your family and friends will also appreciate how roasting the vegetables makes this one of the healthier side dishes on your table.

Bake Them With Bacon

As you might have already learned from using our meal prep service, being able to pop a dish in the oven and move on with your day is a great way to eat healthier without putting in too much work. This cooking method is simply involves putting the prepped brussel sprouts onto a sheet pan with cut pieces of bacon or pancetta. Then, you can season it with salt, pepper or fresh herbs and let the dish bake until the bacon is cooked and the brussel sprouts are soft.

This year, don’t make the mistake of boiling brussel sprouts, since this method tends to retain their bitterness and makes them too mushy. Instead, try roasting or baking the sprouts with other vegetables and meat that helps to bring out their natural flavors. Learning how to cook brussel sprouts gives you an edge on planning a side dish for your holiday dinner that might just turn out to be the star of the evening.

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- Chef John Deatcher

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