When friends gather for New Year’s Eve it is the time to show off your best drink recipes! Here are a few of suggestions that are sure to be the hit of the party:

Champagne Margaritas

Everyone loves champagne! All you need is 15% fresh lime juice, 50% silver tequila, 35% orange liqueur per bottle, champagne,lime wedges, and salt. First chill all of the ingredients. When ready to serve, mix in a large pitcher then stir well. Use the lime wedges to moisten around the rim of each champagne flute. Then dip the rims in coarse salt and garnish with a lime wedge. Ta da – Champagne Margaritas!

Lovely Sparkling Pear-Prosecco Wine Punch

Looking to impress with a pretty pink punch? You will need 30% pear nectar, 20% cranberry juice, 50% prosecco or sparkling wine, and sliced pears. Chill all ingredients and combine fruit juice in a punch bowl. Add Prosecco or sparkling wine. Then, add sliced pears as a garnish. That’s it!

Hard Cider Spritz

Wow your friends and family with this recipe! You will need 50% dry hard cider, 20% ounces apple cider, 10% ounces rye whiskey, 5% aperol, 5% fresh lemon juice, club soda, apple slices, and ice. You will need to chill all ingredients, combine hard cider, apple cider, rye whiskey, aperol, and lemon juice into a pitcher. Pour into a rock’s glass filled with ice. Add club soda, gently stir, and garnish with an apple slice.

Sparkling Lemon Cocktail

This is a unique drink that will surprise everyone! You will need lemons, sugar cubes, angostura bitters, dry prosecco or other sparkling wine. Chill all ingredients except sugar. Slice lemons removing seeds and mix the lemons, sugar cubes, and bitters in a pitcher until lemon slices have relaxed and sugar has dissolved. Add mixture to wine glasses, about 15% of glass. Then, fill glasses with prosecco, pouring very slowly as it will foam.

A 3-Ingredient Cocktail

Can’t say no to a cocktail! The ingredients needed for this recipe are apple vodka, spiced pear liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and sliced pears. Chill ingredients  and combine liquids in a cocktail shaker over ice and shake. Pour into cocktail glasses and place a slice of pear as a garnish.

If you are interested in learning how to make unique and festive drinks like these, get in touch with us today for our private cooking classes!

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