One piece of produce that is often plentiful in the summertime is corn. After shucking the corn, you can boil it, grill it, or take it off the cob. Before preparing your meal, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind when making corn that will give you the best flavor and consistency as possible.

Boiling In Water

The easiest way to make corn in the summer is to put it in a pot of boiling water. Add about a tablespoon of sugar to the water and a small amount of butter. After putting the corn in the water, let it sit on the burner until the water begins to boil again. You should leave the lid on the pot, but turn the heat off. Remember to remove the corn when it’s tender. If you take private cooking classes, then you’ll likely learn about boiling corn in water before other methods.

Soaking In Milk

If you want corn on the cob that is tender and full of flavor, then soak it in a bowl of milk for a few hours before boiling or grilling. The milk will give you a southern flavor that pairs well with butter, salt, and pepper. You can taste sweet notes when corn is soaked in milk as well. Another option is to add a few drops of lemon juice to the milk before you transfer the corn to boiling water. This will help to give a nice balance of sweet and acidic flavors.


There’s nothing like grilled corn on the cob in the summer. Our catering company can prepare grilled corn for your guests if you’re hosting a special celebration. However, it’s not hard to grill corn yourself with a few tricks. Put butter, salt, and pepper on each piece of corn before you wrap the pieces in aluminum foil. Then, poke small holes in the foil to allow the corn to breathe while it’s on the grill. You only need to leave the corn on the grill for a few minutes or until you begin seeing light brown marks after unwrapping the foil to check your food. If you decide not to wrap the corn in foil, then you need to carefully monitor each cob because the kernels can begin to pop.

Microwave Cooking

When you don’t have time to wait for water to boil or you only want to fix an ear or two of corn at a time, then you can use your microwave. Wrap each piece in a paper towel to lock in the moisture of the corn. Then, poke a few small holes through the paper towel before you put the corn in the microwave. Another option is to keep the corn in the husk and then shuck it after it’s cooked in the microwave. This will lock in the natural flavors before you add butter and seasoning.

Cooler Cooking

When you’re camping and want a few fresh pieces of corn on the cob, you can use your cooler for cooking! Put aluminum foil in the bottom of the cooler and place the corn on top of the foil. Next, pour a boiling pot of water into the cooler, close the lid, and let the corn cook. Check the corn every 15 minutes to see if it has reached the desired texture.

Last Thoughts

We’ve shared our tips and tricks with you for cooking the best corn. Whether you try these yourself or leave it up to a private chef here in NJ, your guests will be wanting more!

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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