If you are customizing a wedding, you can serve delicious cheeses, various types of large shrimp, numerous healthy vegetables, custom quesadillas or ravioli that may feature flavorful sauce. You could also select tuna with sauce that contains delicious garlic. The tuna can provide beneficial nutrients, numerous vitamins, many amino acids, and various minerals that could improve your health.

Boursin and Stuffed Tomatoes

If you choose our event catering services, our experts can serve high-quality cheese and stuffed tomatoes that contain delicious olives. Many reviews favorably describe these custom dishes, and the fresh olives can effectively accentuate the flavor of the tomatoes. Boursin cheese was originally created in the 1950s, and before serving the cheese, the experienced chefs may add garlic and flavorful herbs.

Fresh Shrimp

Shrimp can contain many nutrients and multiple vitamins that could effectively optimize your health. Once our wedding caterers serve the shrimp, you may choose a main course that features other types of seafood as well. Each personal chef will add sauce that effectively enhances the flavor of the fresh shrimp. According to one survey, more than 85 percent of guests generally enjoy the flavor of shrimp. So, this dish can satisfy most attendees and might even improve the opinions of your guests.

Toasted Ravioli With Marinara

Our chefs have served delicious ravioli at many events. When creating the sauce, the experts can add tomatoes, olives, numerous spices, and garlic. Sometimes, caterers may integrate oregano into the sauce. This natural herb can contain various antioxidants, alkaloids that could reduce inflammation, and natural compounds that may strengthen your immune system.

Garlic Tuna and Mayonnaise

Once you choose the services that our personal chef can offer, our caterers may serve fresh tuna that could contain high levels of protein. We will add a custom sauce that features high-quality garlic and delicious mayonnaise. The sizable tuna will effectively complement a main course that features seafood and the extra garlic will accentuate the flavor of the tuna. According to numerous reports, garlic can substantially reduce blood pressure, decrease levels of cholesterol, and mitigate the effects of inflammatory enzymes.

Quesadillas and Custom Sauce

We offer multiple types of quesadillas that contain cheddar cheese, onions, various types of olives, and custom sauce. Our experts can also serve quesadillas that feature artichokes and soft cheese. Some quesadillas contain shredded cheese that originated in a southern region of Spain! You can customize your quesadillas and add ingredients that will effectively satisfy all of your guests’ needs.

Spring Rolls

Our experts can serve various types of spring rolls that feature fresh vegetables. Generally, the vegetables contain many beneficial compounds, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, ascorbic acid, and magnesium. Some vegetables feature iron, which is an essential mineral that could improve the condition of the red blood cells. To excite your taste buds, attendees can enjoy teriyaki sauce that will effectively enhance the flavors of the vegetables.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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