Super Bowl season is synonymous with two things: parties and food. With so many things on the party list, have you ever considered hiring help from caterers near your area?

Foodini’s can make your Super Bowl party one to remember with meal delivery services that feature the highest quality ingredients. Here are 6 reasons why you may want to consider hiring a private catering service for your Super Bowl get together.

Catering Saves You Money In The End

A catered party will give you the urgency to plan your party ahead, thus taking a head count before you place your order. Rather than having to calculate “extras,” our specialized catering team can do the math for you by putting together portions that are substantial and more economical. In the end, you will have just enough leftovers to enjoy the next day, without a massive waste of food.

It Saves You Time

This is a no-brainer. Less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the game are the ultimate goals of a Super Bowl party. No matter how much you love to cook, why not treat yourself as a fellow guest? You will be a guest in a catered party.

Catering for the Win. Forget Bad Weather!

Weather and temperature are the two factors you will never be able to control. The Super Bowl does not prescribe either of these factors either. Whether it snows or storms, your Super Bowl party will remain intact. You can still serve your barbecued favorites delivered to your home warm, fresh, and ready to eat.

Delicious New Food Choices

Let’s be frank. Everyone has already tried making the football-shaped cheeseballs that Pinterest has recycled for years. Want to try something truly different? Leave it to our catering professionals. They have had years of experience working on really unique food creations. Go beyond expectations. Give your guests a fun surprise.

The Food is Amazing

Catering companies are different than restaurants in that the food made by caterers is 100% customized to the needs of the consumer. It is food made on the spot, fresh, and without following a generic recipe. This means that those Super Bowl wings, ribs, and appetizers will be made in a way none of your guests have ever tasted before. Give it a try!

It Makes Your Guests Feel Special

Telling friends and family about your catered party is tantamount to inviting your loved ones to a very special dinner. It is not your everyday barbecue: it is a gathering where the food will be exquisite. Everyone will be super excited to attend and taste the difference that food catering can make.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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