Planning a wedding is perhaps one of the most significant events that you will plan in your lifetime, and you understandably need all of the help that you can get. Many couples will hire a wedding planner to assist with all aspects of planning event catering and other important tasks. How do you know if you have chosen the perfect wedding planner? These are some signs that you may notice when you make a thoughtful decision.

He or She Works Within Your Budget to Make Excellent Suggestions

Before you make any plans for catering or other event reservations, an excellent wedding planner will meet with you personally to thoroughly review your budget. He or she may tell you if your budget is well-suited for the type of event that you have planned. For example, BBQ catering may be more expensive than some other options because of the large amount of expensive meat involved. Hiring a personal chef in New Jersey may also be out of the question when you are on a very limited budget.

The Planner Has Excellent Knowledge of Local Vendors

Your wedding planner should have exceptional industry contacts within the local community. This may include contacts for event catering, florists, musicians, and more. You may not have any idea about which catering companies, florists, and others have a great reputation in the industry or which ones offer services in your price range. Your wedding planner can help you to more quickly and easily identify the right vendors to work with.

He or She Listens to Your Design Ideas

The right wedding planner will also actively listen to your design and theme ideas, and will work hard to bring that vision to life. For example, if you desire a backyard wedding, he or she may connect you with smaller, local catering services. On the other hand, a more upscale or elegant affair may feature meals prepared by a personal chef recommended to you by the wedding planner.

The Planner Helps You to Make Thoughtful Decisions

Many couples stress out about the details associated with wedding planning. You may easily second guess yourself, for example, when you are trying to determine which of the menus from caterers you should move forward with. Wedding caterers may offer numerous menu options, and you may want to offer multiple selections for your guests to choose from. However, this can affect your budget, and your wedding planner will help you to determine the right course of action to take while staying within your budget constraints.

He or She Coordinates the Logistics of Your Event

You may worry about how you will pick up chairs and tables or who will be available to coordinate catering on the day of the event. After all, you will be busy getting ready, meeting with family and friends, taking pictures, and more. The last thing you want to worry about is if your food service or entertainment act has arrived and is setting up for the reception. Your wedding planner will stay on top of these details and help you to manage the logistics leading up to your event and on the big day.

The Planner Manages Your Contracts

There is also a lot of paperwork for things like the license, caterers, reception site, florist, equipment rentals, and more, which you will need to sign as you prepare for this event. Many contracts require you to pay deposits or the full amount by defined deadlines. It can be challenging to keep up with all of the terms in contracts with a personal chef, your baker, your photographer, and more. This is one of the services that an excellent wedding planner offers.

He or She Confirms Reservations and Services

A great planner will also make last-minute efforts to confirm all of the plans that you have made in the months leading up to your event. For example, she or he may contact the variou companies you have worked with to confirm arrival times and headcounts. The planner may also make similar efforts with your transportation company, your officiant, and others.

While planning a wedding can be challenging, the services of a great wedding planner can help you to simplify your efforts and pull off the perfect wedding of your dreams. Whether your wedding plans include hiring a personal chef right here in New Jersey, releasing doves into the air, or something else magical, these are some of the signs that you may notice when you have selected the right wedding planner to assist you.

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- Chef John Deatcher

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