Pumpkin reigns as one of the top ingredients for fall and winter dishes, and it is easy to see why. On top of turning into glowing jack-o-lanterns, the fruit is also versatile enough to work with both sweet and savory recipes. Once you’ve pulled out the pulp and roasted a few pumpkin seeds, try out these dishes that give you a new way to enjoy the season’s bounty.

Ginger Pumpkin Pie

This year, try elevating the classic pumpkin pie you normally serve by adding a new layer of flavor. Adding ginger spice to the filling gives it a little zing, and you can pour it all into a gingersnap crust that works will with all of your other favorite holiday treats.

Pumpkin and Pesto Crostini

Making attractive appetizers isn’t hard when you use pumpkin as a topper. The orange of the roasted pumpkin contrasts perfectly with a green pesto. The best part is that this is easy to put together. Just layer sliced pumpkin and pesto on top of your favorite melting cheese and crusty bread. Warm it all up, and you’ve got a tasty appetizer with serious visual appeal.

Beef and Pumpkin Chili

Have you ever worried that your favorite chili recipe doesn’t have any real vegetables? If so, then you can simply cut up some chunks of pumpkin and add them to simmer along with the rest of the ingredients. Pumpkin might be a fruit, but it adds tons of fiber and vitamin A so that your bowl of chili is more nutritious.

Pumpkin Parfait

Pumpkin puree can also be layered beautifully in a glass with other delightful ingredients that bring out its flavor. Try blending cream cheese with whipped cream to create a light and fluffy layer. Then, add in some vanilla pudding. The different textures create a fun dessert, and the pumpkin flavor will be the main highlight.

Quinoa and Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin can be served as a standalone main ingredient in soup, but there are times when you need something more hearty. Quinoa adds some protein while remaining vegan-friendly. Our meal prep service offers pre-cooked quinoa to give you a short cut for making this winter evening staple.

Stuffed Shells With Pumpkin and Ricotta

Give your favorite pasta dish a twist by adding some pumpkin puree to the ricotta. This gives the stuffing a fun color, and helps to cut down on the amount of cheese and fat that is in the dish. A light sauce is another fun option to try in place of traditional marinara.

Pumpkin Waffles

You’ve probably already made many loaves of pumpkin bread, so why not try something new? Canned pumpkin is an easy addition to a classic waffle recipe. Sprinkle in some ground ginger or pumpkin spice, and you’ve got a new breakfast dish to serve to your family.

Pumpkin Spinach and Feta Quiche

Here’s another fun breakfast or brunch option to try. Cooked pumpkin can be mixed in with eggs, sautéed spinach and feta to make a savory dish that works well for serving to your seasonal houseguests.

The list of things that you can make with pumpkin is endless, and you can also experiment with different cooking methods to get the texture and flavor you need for a recipe. When you’re looking for a meal service near me, we can also help you find the perfect add-in’s that cut down on your food prep time. From soups to desserts, you can add pumpkin into just about any meal that you desire to treat your family and friends to a taste of what the best seasonal produce has to offer.

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