The Jersey shore is the perfect place to throw a party. Stretching from the tip of Sandy Hook to the very end of Cape May, Jersey Shore parties will always be a success with great settings and even better food. Caterers in this state can bring in all you need to make your party a hit from start to finish. As you begin planning, keep these four things in mind.

Deciding on Location

The New Jersey shore is a big place. You’ll need to decide where you want your event to take place. Renting a space, whether it be a few rooms on the boardwalk or a private summer rental, is always a good idea. Many people also like to have a jersey shore party directly on the beach. Good caterers in NJ can help you decide on the best location based on your party goals.

Picking Out a Menu

The beach is the place to have fun with food. At Foodini’s, we offer event catering NJ along the shore that is focused on providing your party with a menu full of good food. The right menu should include a variety of items that allow each guest to find an option they like. Be sure to look for food that will travel well. You don’t want to choose items that might easily spoil in the sun. Instead, look for items that are likely to handle the heat, while also appealing to the majority of your guests. A fresh salad is an ideal option, followed by a simple series of grilled items. Make it easy for guests to customize their food with lots of condiments and toppings. Fresh fruit makes the perfect dessert when topped with choices like nuts, whipped cream and chocolate as well.

Deciding on the Details

Details are important when planning your party. Jersey shore catering companies can help you plan these integral details, especially when it comes to the food. Typically, it is better to bring more food than less, so that all your guests, as well as any guests they might bring, can be fed. They can also help you decide on specifics such as the kind of silverware and napkins you want to use. Catering companies can often provide you with silverware that is easy to use as well as napkins made from natural materials, making clean up that much easier.

Welcoming People
The Jersey shore welcomes all who visit. Similarly, you want to ensure that all of your guests feel welcome as they enter your party. If you are hosting a party in a private house with a pool, bring out items like fun floats that will invite guests into the pool. Decorate your tables with shore themed items, like seashells and colorful tablecloths. You should also welcome people to your party with cold drinks. Be sure to keep ice on hand so that your drinks are always cold. You can also put on some great dance music, so people feel happy the second they get there. It’s the small details like these that will help you throw the perfect party along the beautiful Jersey shore.

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