Summertime is on the horizon and barbecue season is already in full swing. Barbecues are a great way to get family and friends together and sometimes even better than that is the food. If you want your barbecue to be the talk of the town this year, you must make sure every menu item is absolutely delicious. If you normally treat your franks as an unimportant part of your meal, it’s time to up your game. Though they’re the simplest item on the grill, they can be spruced up and elevated beyond the kids’ menu. Read ahead to see the best methods for grilling hot dogs.

Clean Your Grill And Cook Them First

Hot dogs are a simple food and do not require seasoning, but they can easily pick up other flavors around them. Cooking franks on a dirty grill or right after foods that have been heavily seasoned is a fundamental mistake that can easily ruin their taste and texture. Cooking them when your grill is full of old (or new) food residue is asking for franks with a charred flavor and a burnt exterior. BBQ Island gives really good tips on when and how to properly clean a grill for the purest tasting franks.

Add Some Extra Flavor

As I mentioned, franks can easily pick up the flavors of what is around them, so why not make them pick up good flavors? You can alter the taste by grilling onions with the franks, soaking them in beer, or dressing them with barbecue sauce before they are finished grilling. An even easier way to add extra flavor is to start from the beginning, the grill. Adding flavored charcoal or wood chips to your fire can give all of your barbecue foods a new taste with no extra effort.

Go Big With The Sides

If your hot dogs are only served with barbecue sauce or ketchup, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to make them the highlight of the meal. Make a “side bar” with a variety of dressings like fresh onions, relish, pickles, diced tomatoes, or homemade sauces. Make them Chicago or New York style. Just be creative!

Go The Easy Route

Do you want delicious food at your next party but hate the idea of cooking all day? We get it, we’ve all been there too. If you want to wow your friends without cooking everything yourself, you can always have your food catered. Sometimes taking the time to search out a quality caterer is more impressive than what we can come up with anyway. Catersource shows that the catering industry is booming, so now is a great time to have your backyard party catered by the best. At Foodini’s we offer a catered barbecue menu that includes everything from beef franks and hamburgers to grilled baby back ribs and barbecue chicken. We have drop off and service staff packages so you can make your party as upscale or low-key as you want.

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