As your birthday draws near, you might be searching for a fun and innovative way to celebrate with your friends. Instead of heading out for a night on the town, you might want to consider mixing it up by choosing private cooking classes here in NJ with culinary expert chef, John Deatcher.

Bring the party to the kitchen

Private cooking classes are a trend that has quickly taken hold. One reason why they are becoming so popular is that the lessons that you and your guests learn can last you a lifetime. When you compare private cooking classes with something such as a night out on the town, a night out will only last a few hours. You can take the lessons that you acquire in your class with you and derive benefits from them for years to come.

Perfect event for all skill levels

You don’t need to have gourmet cooking skills to enjoy your private cooking class with our personal chef. Chef John Deatcher offers the skills that he learned from the Culinary Institute of America to help cooks of all skill levels to learn everything from basic skills to the preparation of gourmet cuisine. You and your guests can enjoy preparing a delicious meal during your lesson while you socialize and enjoy each other’s company. At the end of your class, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts as you dine and indulge on the delicious meal that you have crafted together.

Create a memorable event

When you choose Foodini’s for your private cooking class, you can get the wine flowing while you learn things such as how to make delectable fresh pasta, learn about a variety of different grains, and discover how to make your soups and sauces burst with flavor. You can either schedule your party and class at Foodini’s commissary or choose to hold it in your own kitchen at home.

The kitchen has risen in prominence as your home’s center. When you celebrate your birthday with your friends by throwing a private cooking class party, you can create lasting memories that you and all of your guests will recall fondly for years to come. You might also be able to up your own cooking game, allowing you to host your own dinner parties in the future and “wow” your guests with your culinary creations.

Why choose Foodini’s?

Chef John Deatcher has more than 20 years of experience and is professionally trained by the Culinary Institute of America. Foodini’s offers Jersey Shore catering services and professional cooking classes. It is the only cooking class that you will find that offers one-on-one lessons from a classically trained chef. Choosing cooking lessons in your home or at Foodini’s commissary can allow you and your friends to celebrate your birthday in a fun and memorable way while you socialize over great food and the wine that you bring. To learn more, contact Foodini’s for pricing information by calling 732-775-FOOD.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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