Today’s competitive marketplace means that you have to get creative to stand out from all of the other sales representatives in your industry. Working in a B2B sales field also means that you may frequently interact with professionals who have busy schedules that don’t always leave a lot of time to listen to a presentation. Using a professional catering service offers you several major benefits that help you recruit and retain more clients through your sales pitches.

Plan a Perfect Meal for Any Scenario

Having a flexible mindset helps you to handle pitching in any situation. Depending upon your niche industry, you might find yourself pitching a new product to an independent entrepreneur who is alone in their office, or you might need to plan a lunch and learn presentation for a group of people who must all agree to a new product or medication. Pharmaceutical rep catering is designed to fit changing situations. You can bring a boxed lunch in for that busy doctor or plan a catered buffet that works for a crowd.

Demonstrate Respect for Their Time

As a sales rep, one of the biggest excuses you’ll hear against your request to give a pitch is that the other person doesn’t have the time to meet. Major decision-makers in a company often have only a few precious minutes each day to grab a bite to eat or talk to a visitor to their office. Letting a potential client know that you are eager to bring lunch to them shows that you appreciate the time that they are giving to listen to your pitch.

Show a Deep Appreciation for Quality

You can talk all day about how the company that you represent cares about quality, but giving physical proof of your ability to care about the details makes a bigger impression. A corporate catering company that New Jersey sales reps use for their pitch meetings should always provide only the highest quality meals. When your client bites into a fresh forkful of savory ingredients, they’ll be more likely to respect your recommendations.

Make Your Pitch in a Relaxed Setting

The stress of running a medical practice or operating a corporation makes it harder for your target audience to soak up everything that you have to say. Sitting down for a meal instantly sends signals to the brain that it is time to relax and focus on the present moment. Arranging for catering during the sales pitch provides a multi-sensory experience for your clients that takes them out of the hectic pace of their day and helps them enjoy learning about what you have to offer.

Develop a Personal Connection

Sharing a meal together activates that primal part of the brain that feeds off of camaraderie. A catered meal is the perfect way to get a client to drop their defenses during one-on-one presentations that tend to be intense. As you literally break bread together, your client will view you as more of a friend than a foe. This strategy also gets better with time since your client will begin to look forward to your visits when they know you always come with delicious food.

Going the extra mile often leads to the biggest rewards in the sales field. Our corporate catering services make it easy to provide quality meals that fit any sales scenario. When every move you make matters, you can trust that our catered meals will make a positive impression that leads to closing more deals.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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