When planning the catering for a large corporate event, choosing the menu seems like the easiest part of the job. But the more you think about it, the more complicated it becomes. How do you choose a meal that everyone will enjoy? How many courses should you have? What about people with allergies and special diets? Every guest has different tastes and preferences, and it’s impossible to please everyone. But with a well-coordinated menu, you can offer delicious choices that satisfy most of your guests and leave them looking forward to your next corporate event. How do you get the most out of your catering? Here’s some advice for anyone who’s in the market for Jersey Shore catering:

Offer a Selection
Most of your guests won’t expect a full buffet when they arrive. But offering different options throughout the courses, rather than sticking with a single pre-planned menu, gives your guests more freedom and makes it easier for them to choose something that they’ll enjoy. In addition to the main courses, you can also invest in add-on stations where people can choose from a selection of side dishes.

Consider Allergies and Special Diets
Every guest at your event comes with a different culture, background, and set of values. You won’t be able to cater to every diet in the world, but you can offer different choices that satisfy the majority of your guests. If the main dish contains red meat, consider offering a seafood or vegan dish as an alternative. If you’re serving a sweet, heavy dessert at the end of the meal, include a lighter option for people on a health-conscious diet. Consider talking to your guests beforehand and asking whether they have any allergies or special diets that need to be taken into consideration.

Choose Local and Seasonal Items
Choosing dishes with regional and seasonal ingredients are a great way to ensure that you get the freshest ingredients, as well as support local farmers and businesses. Seasonal foods can also help set the tone for the event. You wouldn’t serve a chilled fruit salad on a cold winter’s evening, or a hot potato soup on a boiling summer day. Seasonal-appropriate items can help make the meal comfortable and enjoyable for your guests.

Have a Consistent Theme
Choosing a theme before you begin is the best way to keep your menu consistent. If you mix-and-match dishes too much, like serving barbecue ribs with an artisanal leek soup, your guests might be a little confused. Your theme doesn’t have to be anything complicated; it can be as simple as a formal dinner or a barbecue picnic. Just make sure that the menu remains consistent throughout.

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