Pharmaceutical reps make their living visiting the different offices. They drop off brochures, samples, and meet with the doctors and their staff. There’s a way to be more memorable – and at Foodini’s, we help with pharmaceutical rep catering.

What Pharmaceutical Reps Need

Every successful pharmaceutical rep needs an “in” with the office they’re walking into. Some will bring cookies or muffins and this is certainly a way to get a smile. However, many doctors, nurses, and even receptionists work straight through lunch. The patients never stop coming in and that means they never really get a chance to eat a good meal.

As such, we invite everyone to take advantage of our meal delivery service that New Jersey residents absolutely love. Our menu includes a wide array of foods to meet any price point. Whether it’s sandwiches, salads, or a complete hot meal, we have what it takes to ensure that a pharmaceutical rep has a memorable visit with the office.

With a simple call ahead, a rep can find out how many people are in the office. They can tell the office that they will be bringing food with them on a specific day – or we can even deliver it to make it easier.

Pleasing the Office

It’s important for reps to please the office that they are visiting. There’s a way to make this happen, and it goes beyond simply bringing lunch. The first thing that a rep must do is show that they are representing a pharmaceutical company that is able to provide them (and their patients) with some kind of benefit.

A rep must be courteous and show that they value the time of those who are in the office. No one at a doctor’s office is able to dedicate a significant amount of time to a rep. This means that a rep should be in and out as quickly as possible. This is often what will stand out to an office the most, and ensure that it is done so in a positive light.

Since there is minimal time for interaction, a rep has a small window of opportunity to make a great impression. Coming into the office with good food and valuable information, all while making a quick exit will do just that. With the help of a personal chef service, New Jersey doctor offices are sure to remember their reps more than ever.

We’re happy to help provide delicious food so that you can make a better entrance into a doctor’s office. When you feed the staff, they’re sure to remember you and the company that you represent.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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