Summer makes the perfect time for parties, BBQs, and gatherings of all types. Event catering lets people get together in an informal setting to relax and enjoy each other’s company. If you are planning to hold a party with your co-workers to celebrate the summer, you’ll want your guests to have options that are just right for lighter summer eating. Take advantage of summer’s seasonal foods with these essential summer foods. You’ll please any palate and make it an event to remember from Foodinis.

Seasonal Salads

Plant-based meals during the summer are an absolute necessity for anyone seeking to stay healthy. Fresh salads with lots of flavors are always welcome this time of year. A salad with a wide variety of ingredients adds something much welcome to any gathering. Look for salads that combine multiple elements in a single bite. Kale with honey and lemon is one any guest can appreciate. Think about salads that offer something juicy such as grapes that are balanced with a hint of crunch like jicama. Put out several possible different types of options for salad in front of guests. This allows guests the freedom to customize their own salad. Having options that are classified under a low-carb keto diet, such as certain vegetables like tomatoes, can be great additions to any salad.

A Selection of Pasta

Pasta is another must for summer. Pasta can be served in many different ways. A classic filled pasta, such as tortellini, offers something with lots of heft that won’t weigh your guests down. Other good choices like ravioli allow you to offer your guests many different types of tastes, which are good for any corporate event catering NJ. Pair the pasta with sauces that are good for summer. Freshly made tomato sauce with herbs gives any guest something to savor. A light pesto with lots of herbs offers something memorable for everyone at the party.

Light Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a great choice for a summer catering party. They are portable, easy to eat and can be customized with a great many kinds of fillings. For summer, think about sandwiches that fit the season. A chilled roast beef paired with cheddar and topped with horseradish mayo is a people pleaser. Tuna salad sandwiches with plenty of lettuce combine crunch and something delicious. Other meat and cheese pairings such as ham and gouda and a Cuban sandwich bring in the flavor that makes any party a success. Lighter items like sandwiches bursting with crisp vegetables are a way to show off in-season vegetables.

The Ideal Dessert

All catered parties should have a strong finish. Summer offers many kinds of dessert options. Lots of fruit are freshest right now. Offer guests a lovely fruit plate. Ripe cherries, soft, warm apricots, yielding, sweet melons, and peaches picked a few days to offer any guest that perfect taste of summer. Ice cream, low-fat yogurt, and gelato in many flavors help guests cool down on the hottest day. Add a bar with lots of varied toppings. Give guests warm, melted chocolate, sprinkles, and caramel and they’ll savor the end of the party in style.

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- Chef John Deatcher

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