The shore is often a popular destination during the summer months. It’s also a location where you can host a party for your friends and family members. From the sound of the water lapping against the shore to the cool breeze blowing, the atmosphere can set a relaxing stage for your party along with the summer food that you serve for your guests.

Getting Ready

Start planning for your beach party by designing invitations that match your theme. They could have images of beach balls, someone swimming, or fish on them so that guests know that the event will be held at the shore. Include the time of the event and any special instructions, such as asking that guests bring a towel or a side dish. You also need to consult with companies that offer BBQ catering in NJ if you plan to offer a large amount of food or if you don’t want to cook for the event.

Welcoming Guests

As guests arrive for your party, offer them a beverage that coincides with the theme of the event or a fun favor, such as a shovel and pail or a beach ball. This should be something that guests can use while they are at the party as well as something they can take home to remember the celebration. If children will be attending the party, then consider asking a company that provides event catering in NJ to offer cookie or cupcake decorating so that they can make a treat to take home.


Set up a few activities for your guests to enjoy. You want to try to have a shaded area if the party will be held during the day so that guests don’t get too hot. Beach volleyball, cornhole, pails and shovels for building sandcastles, and beach music to dance to are all ideas to consider so that guests have a variety of things to do while they also enjoy the food and drinks that are served.


To make the cleanup process easier, use tableware that can be thrown away. Even though items are disposable, you can still use ones that are colorful and those that feature beach decorations, such as plates and cups with palm trees or beach balls or cups with colorful umbrellas in them. Set up a table for the food as well as a few tables where guests can sit while they eat.

Food And Drink

The items that are served at your party should have a beach theme so that everything ties together. Consider punch made with pineapple or watermelon as a beverage. Food served should be easy to eat and shouldn’t make a mess. Ideas include kabobs with shrimp and vegetables, small crab cakes, chips and dip, and hamburgers. Salads are good to have on hand for side dishes as well as pasta, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Offer options for children as well so that they can enjoy the party with the adults. For those who don’t want to stay for the duration of the party, consider offering items that can easily be taken with them.

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