Event Catering

After you’ve decided to engage in our services, we will go through the following steps and considerations to design menus that perfectly suit your needs:

Initial Assessment

Let us know of any dietary restrictions, allergies or other dietary concerns and we'll accommodate

Base Menu Selections

The next step is to set the menu. If this is a one-time service or gift certificate redemption, or if you just want to try Foodini’s to see if our meal prep service may be something you want to continue, you would make your menu choices and call or email in your order. If it is to be an ongoing service, it is suggested to select all items on the menu that interest you, and we will select and pair your meals and side dishes for each meal prep service based on these initial total menu choices (and relevant specials). All of our meal prep clients enjoy this extra time-saving service and some have commented how it’s nice to be “surprised” upon each delivery.

We believe in using seasonal ingredients and changing menus often, so our base menu is just the beginning of your culinary adventure. Your initial selections will give us a very good idea of your likes and dislikes, so we can create specials based on your preferences.

We can customize each menu item to your liking. For example, if you love chicken Marsala, but dislike mushrooms, please feel free to highlight “Chicken Marsala” on the main menu. We will see “no mushrooms” on your assessment form and leave them out.


After receiving your completed assessment form and menu selections, we will contact you to schedule your first service. Additional services should be scheduled at least 14 days in advance. We will send a follow-up e-mail to see how you are doing and to schedule your next service.
The frequency of service will depend upon how often you and your family will be utilizing your meal prep service meals. Many of our clients order twice per month, while others desire weekly or monthly deliveries.


There are no contracts; however, we do reward our steady clients with delivery discounts for their recurring orders. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Personal Checks or Cash.


On the day before your delivery, we will shop for all the necessary items at reputable markets (including local farmers’ markets after winter’s end), well-known butchers and seafood purveyors. Your sumptuous meals are prepared in our state-inspected, commercial kitchen located in Neptune, NJ. We prepare your meals knowing that you will be heating them back up, so we finish them just before being cooked through (excluding poultry items which are cooked until JUST done.) This way, when you heat your meals they will be cooked to perfection and stay moist and delicious.


We package your meals in single or double portions in rectangular polypropylene Versatainers® which are engineered for heat and cold resistance. Meals which will be consumed within 2-3 days after delivery may be stored in the refrigerator. All other meals should be frozen until ready to consume. Your frozen meals will last at least 10-12 weeks in the freezer, but they will be eaten long before that! You may recycle the containers as per your state’s recycling programs or reuse them, if desired.


Most of our meal prep service clientele heat their meals directly in the Versatainers that they come in. Although this method is more convenient, you may choose to transfer your meals to Pyrex or other oven-safe / microwavable-safe containers or to a sauce pot for stove top heating (if applicable). We include detailed heating instructions on each container for convenience.


We deliver to just about every corner of the Tri-State area. Delivery times vary but are generally between 9am & 6pm, Tuesday to Friday. Delivery charges vary depending upon your location. There is no need for you to be home for the delivery. *We can leave your meal prep service meals in one of our recyclable, insulated coolers with dry ice. This will keep your meals at a safe temperature for 6-8 hours, even during the hot summer months. *(additional fees apply)
Note: Our company has grown significantly since its inception in 1999, which allows us to cover such a vast service area. However, rest assured that we are preparing each family’s meals individually and never in bulk.


If it’s convenient for you and you’d like to save on delivery charges, come on by our commissary to pick up your meals. All pick-up clients receive a free tray of our delicious cookies! We are located at 1700 State Route 33 in Neptune, NJ 07753.

Serving all of New Jersey

Let's Choose a Meal Plan that Suites your Needs

We use the freshest possible, hand-picked ingredients and pride ourselves on integrity & passion. Our standards are very high in Foodini's kitchen. Chef Deatcher has traveled extensively throughout South America, Europe, and the USA, gaining invaluable culinary knowledge and inspiration. John's dedication and gastronomic skills are evident in his worldly flavors which have no culinary boundaries.