People often debate whether it is better to eat breakfast first thing in the morning or wait until a few hours have passed. However, most people can agree that a breakfast sandwich boosts productivity at any time of the day. Breakfast sandwiches lack the sugar that you’ll find in other options such as breakfast cereals that can lead to an energy crash after you eat. Instead, the perfect breakfast sandwich should be filled with a variety of complementary ingredients that all add a nutritious boost to your diet while satisfying your craving for a savory meal.

Combine Flavors and Textures

An ideal breakfast sandwich should have several key components. Mixing creamy cheese with the slight crunch of toasted bread creates a sensory experience that transforms an ordinary sandwich into one that you want to savor. You can also mix sweet and salty flavors to create contrast in each bite. Bacon and sausage tend to have a mixture of these flavors, which make them the perfect complementing ingredients for eggs and cheese.

Practice Proper Stacking

As with any sandwich, the heaviest component should be on the bottom. In most cases, this will be your meat, but it could also be the eggs or an alternative source of protein. Next, you can add any other components that you like such as avocados, tomatoes or grilled onions. If you prefer leafy greens on your sandwich, then add them last to help prevent them from getting wilted or smashed.

Keep It All Together

Layered ingredients tend to slide around, and the last thing you want is to see your sausage careening out of the bread as you take a bite. Melted cheese works a lot like glue to help hold the looser ingredients onto the meat and eggs. You can also use mayo, garlic aioli and other sauces to help make the ingredients stick to each other.

Toast the Bread

This simple step can elevate a plain sandwich into an explosion of texture and flavor. Hard rolls, English muffins and ciabatta bread all develop deeper flavors when they are heated up. For less fat, simply warm the bread up in the oven. Or, you can toast the bread with butter to create a richer sandwich, but remember to go lighter with the sauce to prevent the sandwich from being too greasy.

Experiment With Different Ingredients

A traditional egg, cheese and meat sandwich will be a hit with just about anyone when you order from a corporate catering service New Jersey companies use for special group occasions. At home, you might want to branch out by adding unique ingredients such as pineapple or kale. Adding new ingredients to your sandwich turns each breakfast into a new experience that keeps things interesting.

There’s a lot that goes into making the perfect breakfast sandwich. From cooking the egg to toasting the bread, you might find that there is not enough time to get it all done. If you are planning breakfast for a group, then you might also find it hard to make many sandwiches at once while keeping everything hot. Our caterers in NJ have turned breakfast sandwich making into an art form that helps you enjoy this delicious morning starter or brunch option when time is short.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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