On average, Americans spend about 37 minutes a day on food prep, and that doesn’t even begin to include the time that you spend each week going grocery shopping. Having your meals prepared by a professional chef frees up valuable time that you can use to focus on your career or enjoy your favorite hobbies. Life gets simpler when you have your meals delivered, but it is important to make sure that you choose a quality meal prep service that provides these benefits along with tasty dishes.

Trust That Your Dietary Preferences are Followed

Many people avoid going out to eat out of the fear that a server might mix up their order. Food allergies can have serious consequences if a chef accidentally adds peanuts or shellfish to a dish. You might also prefer to eat a vegan diet or just avoid certain ingredients that you don’t like. An experienced meal service chef knows how important it is to follow your dietary preferences, and using the same service regularly makes it less likely that someone will make a costly mistake.

Look Forward to Consistently Prepared Meals

Have you ever noticed that some restaurants seem to be better on some days than others? Or, does being rushed mean that you sometimes burn your meals or forget ingredients. Professional chefs are trained to make sure that food meets high standards for quality. Whether you order penne primavera or moussaka, you can enjoy knowing that you’ll love the flavor and texture every time.

Feel Safe About the Food Prep

When you look for a meal prep service near me, you need to know that the chefs follow strict protocols for food safety. Our meals are prepared in a commercial kitchen that undergoes regular public health and safety inspections. We also offer delivery services with the option to have your meals placed at your door in an insulated bag that keeps them at a safe food temperature for six to eight hours. Being able to trust that your chef cares about the safety of the food that you eat makes meals much more relaxing.

Enjoy Personalized Menu Selections

A high quality meal service should also provide a customized experience that makes it clear that you have a personal chef. When you first order your food, you’ll complete a brief assessment that lets us know your food preferences. Then, you can opt to have us put together a menu that suits your tastes for a completely thought-free meal ordering system. Don’t worry, you can always request a special meal that you love to accompany any of our chef’s selections.

A meal is only as good as the hands that prepare it. When you order from a professional chef, you can enjoy knowing that each bite is healthy and prepared from the freshest ingredients. You’ll also love trying new dishes along with receiving your regular favorites. Our team looks forward to getting to know your food preferences so that we can hit tantalize your taste buds with every delivery.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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