There are many busy people in the New Jersey area that are looking for ways to simplify their summer parties. With Labor Day just around the corner, jersey shore catering is booked pretty solid for the next few months. Rather than settling for take-out meals that aren’t going to impress anyone, it might be time to think about utilizing a personal chef for your next get-together. Hiring a private chef is a really convenient option for your event where you can save money in the long run and really impress guests.


Menu Planning

There is a lot of planning that goes into the menu for a Labor Day party or event. It can take weeks to find good ideas and it takes even more time to test out the recipes ahead of time so you feel comfortable making everything correctly the day of the event. Not to mention, there are people who have dietary restrictions that require you to have other options. By the time your event has arrived you aren’t excited anymore because you have become stressed with the amount of work that needs to be done all day. Utilizing a reputable personal chef for your party will free up your time. The chef you hire will be responsible for coming up with menu ideas to run past you. Once you decide on what will be made, the chef will prepare everything. You will likely have some unique creations on hand that you would never have come up with in the first place.


Saving Money

Some people immediately think that hiring a professional chef for their party would be way out of their price range, however, in reality it can be more affordable to use a chef. When you prepare your own food you often account for far more food than is necessary. This is common because people don’t want to run out of food. A chef has a lot of experience with preparing meals for a certain number of guests. There won’t be excess amounts of food that go to waste at the end of the night when you have professional assistance.


Time To Party

With so much extra free time on your hands you can really enjoy your party in a way you never have before. You are still the host, but when you have a personal chef on hand you won’t have to run around asking who needs what. Enjoy your Labor Day party the way it was intended to be.

Do you have a big Labor Day event coming up at the end of the summer? Think about hiring a catering Monmouth County NJ company that will provide you with a personal chef for your meal planning. You will save a lot of time not having to worry about the menu or preparation. This will give you more time to sit down with your guests and enjoy their company for the night!

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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