Kabobs are a staple of summer eating. People all across the country have memories of the grill being fired up and skewered meat and veggies being placed on the rack. It’s a great way to experience the food on a whole new level, with different flavors being brought to the forefront and explored. But it can be hard when the same kabobs are made over and over again. When there aren’t any new flavors being introduced, kabobs can quickly lose their magic. Thankfully, there are several ways you can spice up this summer dish.

Your Kabobs Need Versatility and Tasty Combinations

The options when creating chicken kabobs are endless! Chicken is a versatile meat that goes with hundreds of different components—anything from bell peppers to pineapple. A good kabob features the meat and the sides by alternating the order that they are placed on the skewer. This way, the meal is well-balanced and the person who is eating the kabob isn’t getting the same texture and flavor repeatedly. When looking for new inspiration on preparing the summer dish, it’s always good to look around and see what other people are doing. Are there any new combinations that tickle and delight the senses? Food Network, for example, has tons of fresh ideas for every type of meat you could possibly want on a kabob. Similarly, Better Homes & Gardens has a variety of recipes to draw inspiration from. It’s okay to explore different flavor combinations with different types of meat. Some of the great flavors they recommend will work just as well with chicken as they would with beef or pork.

Spruce Up Your Kabobs with Spices and Sauces

For those that have already made unseasoned chicken kabobs and are looking to spice up the dish, try to focus on sauces. While herbs won’t have as much time to properly season the meats and vegetables, a sauce will provide that extra bit of flavor that even the worst critics will look out for and appreciate. Sauces can also act as a vessel to take hungry eaters to different cultures around the world. For instance, a sauce that has ingredients such as soy, ginger, and sake will be reminiscent of Asian cuisine. A sauce that has ingredients such as cumin, turmeric, and cayenne will be reminiscent of Mexican or Indian cuisine. The best part about using sauce to bring flavor into a chicken kabob is that the sauces typically require little to no effort. However, if you are one who tends to eat clean, you can stick to just spices. They are just as tasty if done correctly!

Chef’s Preference

While there are plenty of options to create kabobs with tons of different flavors, ultimately it is up to the personal chef to really think about what he or she wants to bring to their food. What one person may really like in a seasoning combination or sauce, another person may not enjoy. This is why the exploration of different flavor combinations is important for making the best kabobs possible!

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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