What does eating “clean” actually mean? We see it all over the internet as celebrities swear by their clean diets, but a lot of people are still unsure of what clean eating actually is. Search no further, as we are here to help explain this food trend to you!


What is eating clean?

According to WebMD, a clean diet is one that consists of foods that are not processed and have no preservatives or artificial flavors. This means that someone on a clean diet will eat mostly fruits, vegetables, unprocessed grains, and lean meats.=

Clean eating can require a lot of meal prep on your behalf because you will be working with fresh ingredients and essentially be starting from scratch with all of your creations. This is where the advantages of having meals delivered straight to your front door are incredibly helpful!


Cutting the Prep Time Hassle

Like we mentioned previously if you do not want to meal prep for the entire week or you forgot to do your meal prep, ordering in from a food service that offers clean options is a great alternative. If you need a meal delivery service in New Jersey, Foodini’s is a great option! They only cook with fresh, whole food ingredients that are perfect for a clean eating lifestyle.


Clean Doesn’t Mean Boring

Let’s face it, cooking with these fresh ingredients on your own can get boring if you aren’t a gourmet chef. It can be difficult to come up with fun and fresh variations that keep both you and your appetite satisfied. If you use a food service, you will essentially get your own temporary personal chef cooking your meal. They will be able to use their years of experience and mastery of flavor to create a meal that will satisfy your appetite.


Don’t Give Yourself an Easy Way Out

If you get home from a long day and can’t bring yourself to start cooking, the temptation to open a bag of chips or order a pizza can be strong; however, instead, this is the perfect time to take advantage of a meal delivery service, and considering you would already be spending the money on a pizza, why not order a meal that is much healthier and tastes better than that?


Easy to Plan, Good to Eat!

With these services, you can plan to have your meals delivered certain days of the week. This is a great way to give yourself something to look forward to, and will help you to stay on track with your clean eating.


Overall, there are many benefits to clean eating and meal delivery services. Always be on the lookout for more clean eating tips and tricks, and remember, you and your kitchen are not alone in the struggle to eat clean and still have some flavor in your life!


"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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