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*Low fat & low salt methods of cooking are everyday practice at Foodini’s. Nitrates and preservatives are NEVER added. We always prepare your meals in the healthiest possible way, using fresh seasonal ingredients, healthy olive, nut and avocado oils & sea salts. We can accommodate any of your dietary needs and even follow specific diet plans and recipes.
(Additional fees will apply for this customized service.)
*Sides, Soups, Salads, Dressings, Desserts N.J state sales tax & delivery are priced separately.
The following are our most popular Meal Prep Service menu items. There is a 2-portion minimum order per menu choice. Discounts will be given for 8 or more portions of any single menu item. Thank you for choosing Foodini’s!

All menu items can be prepared in full and half pans for any events you may be hosting.
We also offer full service off-premise catering. Please see the Main Catering Menus and Catering Events section of our website for additional menu items and more details.
Thank you very much!

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We use the freshest possible hand picked ingredients and pride ourselves on integrity & passion. Our standards are very high in Foodini's Kitchen. Chef Deatcher has traveled extensively throughout South America, Europe,and the USA, gaining invaluable culinary knowledge and inspiration. John's dedication and gastronomic skills are evident in his worldly flavors which have no culinary boundaries.