Pharmaceutical lunches are one of your biggest opportunities to connect with clients in a way that adds a personal touch to your sales pitch. On top of being able to squeeze in time with a busy physician, you also gain the chance to show appreciation for them taking you up on your offer to learn more about a medication. From power lunch pitches to lengthy group lunch and learns, you can put the extra touches on your presentation with these tips for organizing your next meeting with a client.

Put Together a Guest List

A pharmaceutical lunch might just be a one-on-one meeting, but it is also common for physicians to want to have others involved. This is especially common when you are meeting with people from a group practice. Asking if anyone else will be coming helps you to avoid being surprised by an unexpected guest, and you’ll be able to order the right amount of food for everyone. You might also want to bring a few boxed lunches for the support staff as a gesture of gratitude for scheduling the appointment.

Choose the Right Setting

Some physicians have guidelines in place that restrict them from having lunch with pharmaceutical reps in their offices. If that is the case, then pharmaceutical rep catering can come to any location that you request. Consider hosting your pharmaceutical lunch as a buffet on the beach to create a more casual feel. Or, you can host the lunch in a hotel conference room to establish a more professional ambiance for a large group educational experience regarding a new medication.

Ask About Food Preferences

As the host of a lunch, one of your biggest priorities is to make sure that your clients love what you give them to eat. For meal delivery, NJ pharmaceutical sales reps can’t go wrong with our sandwich and wraps packages that include delicious sides. You can ask new clients about their favorite foods so that you pick out the right lunch and keep track of what each one prefers over time. When you make your catering selection, remember to order beverages. Adding some tea or bottled spring water adds that extra touch that shows you pay attention to details.

Keep Time On Your Side

Some of your busier clients may only have a short amount of time to enjoy lunch as they listen to your pitch. Working with a dependable meal delivery service means that you won’t have to worry about lunch showing up late. If you are hosting a larger event, you can even have a server set up a buffet station while you maximize your time to talk to your clients. This gives you a chance to mingle instead of jumping right into your sales pitch.

Sharing a lunch is a great way to build connections with your clients, and identify common ground that helps make future meetings even easier. Consider keeping a record of which foods your clients love best so that they begin to look forward to your next lunch meeting.

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