Throwing a great party is one way to make a splash. People who are planning an event of any kind have many options when it comes to choosing the kind of food they are going to serve.  When hosts can’t handle the needs of their guests on their own, they can call in a personal chef or event caterer. If you are in the process of trying to decide between the two, there are several factors you’ll wish to think about first. A personal chef offers the chance to work one-on-one with a highly trained professional. Hiring event caterers means working closely with several people at the same time. For many people, factors such as the number of guests at their party and the menu they have in mind will determine which option makes the most sense.

The Personal Chef

A personal chef is someone with many skills. Chefs like those at Foodini’s have many years of training before they come to your home or business. A chef often has a degree from a prestigious culinary training institute and then lots of on-the-job training. They know how to make any meal an event. A personal chef can respond to your exact needs in great detail. They’ll also present a show as they prepare the food. The chef typically has the time to show you want they are doing as they do it. For example, they can help you understand exactly how to properly cut up a chicken before placing it in the oven and serving it to guests. They can teach you new skills as they prepare your meal.

The Catering Service

Another possible option is a catering service. The catering service is often a group of people who come to your home with meals they’ve made somewhere else that only need to be heated up again or with meals that may only need a bit of preparation. The catering service makes an ideal choice if you are planning a large event with lots of people, such as an anniversary celebration or a wedding. The catering service typically includes people to serve the food once it is cooked, so hosts do not need to worry about serving their guests and they can enjoy their own party.

What Makes Sense

Either choice in meal delivery services will bring a delicious meal right to your guests. Many people find that their ultimate decision is about having the right professional at their side as their event begins. You want a party that everyone at your table will love. You also want a catering service that will take care of all the little details for you. The ideal service is one that takes into account the kind of event you have and how best to make it great. If your guests are a smaller group of people who love food, a personal chef can offer you that special touch that your guests will remember. If your guests are there for a specific event such as a birthday party, where the focus is on a person, a catering service can fade into the background as the event continues for the guest of honor. Either choice is a good one, and you’ll be guaranteed to have fabulous staff at your party if you go to Foodini’s. 

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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