Someone special in your life is getting married! One of the things that you can do to show your love for the couple is to help plan the catered wedding menu. Before deciding on a complete meal or appetizers, you need to consider the time of day of the wedding and reception and the budget of the bride and groom. These components will play an essential part in the types of foods served. Keep reading for tips on how to plan the perfect menu:

Sit-Down Meal

A sit-down dinner is an option to consider if the budget is a bit larger and if the meal will be served in the evening around the dinner hour. You’ll want to get the input of the couple as to what they would like to have for the meal so that you can begin speaking with wedding caterers or preparing for how to serve the meal on your own. When the invitations are sent out, you need to have the options available so that guests can choose what they want to eat. This will help in preparing the dishes, but you should have a few extra plates of each dish available in case there are more people at the wedding than who have responded to the invitations.


If you want to offer a wide selection of food options, then consider a buffet. You can make a buffet as elegant or as relaxed as you prefer. This is a good option to consider if there aren’t a lot of guests or if there will be several activities taking place after the wedding. Buffet’s allow guests to get what they want to eat, as much as they would like to eat, and it’s on their own time. Something to remember is to try avoiding the offer of a buffet if there will be a lot of guests because the lines could get rather long. Food on a buffet will usually last for about two to three hours. Appetizers are good to have on the buffet along with sandwiches, desserts, and other things that can be kept in a heated tray.

Lighter Fare

On a lighter note, you could plan the wedding menu around cocktails and appetizers. When speaking with caterers, this would likely be a good option if the budget isn’t as large or if the couple wants a simple reception. This would be an option for brides or grooms who have been married before or if there is a lengthy guest list. Keep in mind that a cocktail party doesn’t really put the focus on the bride and groom. Instead, it’s a time when guests can mingle and talk to each other while talking to the happy couple as well.


A fun and different event would be having a BBQ at the wedding. This would be ideal for couples who have close friends and family members who are attending the wedding who don’t mind an elegant setting. Items that you can offer include BBQ pulled pork as well as baked beans, slaw, and rolls in case guests want to make some tasty sandwiches.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a classic sit-down meal or the comfort food of a BBQ, planning the food at a wedding should take some thought. The bride and groom should have delicious food on their special day, and a wedding caterer can make sure everybody wins. Consider what type of meal you want and make the best choice for you and your appetite!

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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