Good drinks are as much a part of any meal as the right food. The right kind of drink can make any meal one to enjoy. Many people are unsure about how to choose food and drink that complement each other well. It’s easy to learn how to get it right when you learn from experts like those at Foodini’s. Corporate event catering, or catering for personal events, makes things easier than ever when you don’t need to worry about supplying the drinks yourself.

Bring it to Brunch

Brunch is one of the most enjoyable meals, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the peace and calm of the morning without getting out of bed too early. Weekend brunches are the perfect chance to sit back and let go of the cares of the week. Brunch foods typically include standard breakfast fare like eggs and bacon, but the menu can also include some heartier options like steak. To complement the various flavors, you will want to bring in options like orange juice, coffee, and water. If you want to spice things up a bit, try mixing some cocktails like mimosas and bloody marys, which are often associated with brunch.

A Nice Lunch

Lunch is a chance to decompress and have a little time to yourself or catch up with friends in the middle of the day. As opposed to breakfast, when you need hearty juice options to give you a wakeful energy boost, lunch drinks are usually lighter, paired with sandwiches, soups, or salads. Flavored seltzer and iced teas add a gentle note of flavor that lets any main dish shine.

At Cocktails

Cocktail parties are a fun chance to mingle with others. If you are arranging a corporate party, take the time to choose the appropriate drinks. Corporate event catering services, like those offered by Foodini’s, can help push you in the right direction. Offer your guests a series of base drinks that they can use to mix their own drinks. Leave out items like vodka and brandy alongside some mixers, so people can make any cocktail they like. Chilled wine is another sophisticated choice that adds sparkle to a party. Alcoholic drinks like these pair extremely well with the finger foods that float around cocktail parties, like grilled appetizers and small finger sandwiches.

Sit Down Formal Dinner Party

A sit-down, formal dinner party is perfect to entertain guests in style. At this type of event, guests expect several courses and drinks. Appetizers should be paired with a light drink like white wine, while main courses benefit from options with more depth. A roasted chicken, for example, needs wine that can stand up to the strong flavors in the protein and the sauce. Think about full-bodied red wines that offer crisp notes to counter the richness of this course. To top off the night, select a number of dessert wines to pair with a chocolate cake or tart.

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