We have plenty of experience catering weddings, and it is honestly one of our favorite parts of the business. A wedding at the Jersey Shore is like no other. Since our customers seem so pleased with their experiences, why not consider a Jersey Shore destination wedding as well when you tie the knot?

A Convenient (And Fun!) Destination

If you live near New Jersey, there’s no need to travel halfway across the country in order have a little fun. The Jersey Shore offers everything you need to make your family vacation dreams come true. You can stroll along the beaches and boardwalks, rent bikes or enjoy restaurants of many different cuisines, visit an amusement park, or tour a historic property. There really is something for everyone. As the busy bride, you will not have to worry about your guests getting bored or needing to be entertained. They will find something to do and have the time of their lives in the process. Long Beach Island, New Jersey was recently named as a top family travel destination. Writer and traveler Laura Begley Bloom was particularly charmed by the numerous ice cream stores on the island town, as well as the affordability of the dining. Mini-golf also made her hit list.

Save The Exotic Vacation for a Private Getaway

Maybe you originally thought you wanted to get married somewhere truly unique, like Bali or Bora Bora. Consider that even if you have a small wedding, you will still need to coordinate different aspects, and the day before your wedding, you will need to be on hand to answer questions, make key decisions about floral arrangements, and make sure your soon-to-be mother-in-law gets her afternoon cocktail. Save your dream vacation for your first real getaway with your future husband. You will enjoy yourself exponentially more.

Feast On The Food!

The Jersey Shore also offers an excellent restaurant scene, and your wedding party would probably love to spend time exploring the local bar scene. For the wedding itself, you can save yourself an immense amount of strain if you choose Jersey Shore catering. You want to make sure that your guests are full and satisfied with your meal choices.Terrible food can really bring the wedding reception down. As you consider your wedding caterers options, consider Foodini’s. We take care of the meal preparation so that you can actually spend your day making memories, not worrying about reception arrangements.

See More of Your Friends

One major downside to destination weddings is that if a couple opts for an exotic, tropical ceremony, their special day might look magical, but they might not be celebrating with all their friends. Instead of planning an event where guests will have to fly, rent accommodations (and maybe even a car), think of a more budget-friendly option instead. If you get married at the Jersey Shore, your east-coast friends will be able to drive instead of fly, and many more of your friends will be able to attend since even if they need to fly, the cost of that ticket will much likely be considerably less.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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