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Foodini's catering offers you the perfect alternative to standard catered fare.

Whatever occasion you are planning, Foodini’s expert staff will create amazing memories for your Social or Corporate event.

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Let's Plan Your Event

Sit back, relax, and trust in Foodini's years of experience to handle everything from planning though execution of your special event. We work with local vendors to supply you with florals, celebration cakes, valet, site location and any of your rental needs such as tents, tables, chairs, frozen drink machines, hot dog carts, inflatables, and much more!

Equipment & Entertainment

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Customized, Event Specialists.

Our event staff are extremely attentive, friendly, and professional. Combine this with 25+ years' of catering experience, Executive Chef/Owner John Deatcher brings to the table, and you have a recipe for a smashing event, sure to be remembered for years to come!

Casual or elaborate Buffets, Cocktail Receptions or plated Dinners, Down Home or Upscale BBQ's; Foodini's is your Monmouth County Caterer of choice for any catering event you are hosting.

Site Locations & staffing

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Our Service Staff, Bartenders and culinary team take pride in each and every event they are a part of. True professionals, at your service!
Add staff onto your event package at the following pricing:

There is a 5-hour minimum for all staff members. Culinary team hours begin and end at our commissary.
Service team hours begin and end at your event. Travel time may be added for long distance events.

Servers - $30/hr w/ a 5 hr minimum. 2 Servers needed per 40 guests
Cooks - $30/hr w/ a 5 hr minimum. 2 Cooks needed per 40 guests
Bartenders - $40/hr w/ a 5 hr minimum. 1 Bartender needed per 40 guests (if applicable)
Chef - $40/hr w/ a 5 hr minimum. 1 Chef needed per 100 guests (if applicable)
Manager / Captain - $40/hr w/ a 5 hr minimum. 1 Captain needed per 100 guests
Coat Check - $20/hr w/ a 5 hr minimum. 1 Coat Check needed per 50 guests
Additional labor charges for holidays are time and one half per staff member.
(Includes 1 day prior to and 1 day after major holidays.)

Other not included:
Alcoholic beverages, ice, 10% gratuity, NJ sales tax

We can provide you with staff even when not ordering food from Foodini’s
Call 2-4 weeks in advance to secure availability.

Tent & Equipment Rental

We work with local rental companies to coordinate all your tent and rental needs:
Tents, Flooring, Lighting, Heaters, AC, Cooking Equipment, Tables, Linens, Chairs, Dinnerware, Flatware, Glassware, Bars, Lounges, and anything else you would need.

All events are unique and require different rental items. An example of a basic buffet event rental order might look something like this:

Traditional Buffet Place Setting and Seat at a 60” Round Table 18/p
2 Dinner & 1 Dessert Fork, 1 Dinner Knife, 2 Dinner & 1 Dessert Plate,
2 All Purpose Glasses, 1 Coffee Mug, 1 Teaspoon, 2 Linen Napkins,
Padded White Wood Chair, 60” Round Table with White Linen (Seats 8-10)

Additional Popular Rental Items
4 ft Black Formica Bar... 80 ea
30 in. Round Hi-Top Cocktail Table with Linen... 12 ea
6 ft Buffet Table with Linen... 35 ea
8 ft Buffet Table with Linen... 38 ea
55 cup Coffee Urn... 30 ea
Propane Convection Oven... 320 ea
Additional Full Chafing Units (Wind proof frame, water pan, sterno)... 25 ea
Please inquire for a full, current listing with prices.


We work with local vendors to coordinate all your onsite entertainment and amusement needs:
including kid’s moonwalks, slides and games & adult entertainment and activities, Magicians, DJ’s, Casinos, Hula and Belly Dancers etc...
We can also supply you with:
Cotton Candy Machines, Hot Dog Carts, Chocolate Fountains & Ice Cream Trucks!
We provide ice!
120 Lb. minimum order (enough for drinking ice and to cool down beer & wine for 40 people)

Liquor Notes:
We do not supply alcohol, but the following are suggested amounts for 40 ppl along with all other bar needs:

Each bar should have at least one bottle of each choice. Therefore, even though you do not think everyone will drink whiskey, for example, you will want to have a bottle of it for the guest who does.

Amounts needed in Liters per 40 people:
3-4 Vodka, 1-2 Gin, 2 light Rum, 1 Dark Rum, 2 Scotch 1 Bourbon, 1 Canadian Whiskey, 1-2 Tequila,
1 Whiskey, 1 Amaretto, 1 Baily's, 1 Kahlua, 1 Peach Schnapps, 1 Sweet Vermouth, 1 Dry Vermouth, 1 Triple sec.
This is a basic list that will allow you to offer the most common cocktails for just about any function. Specific brands are a matter of personal taste, but keep in mind when using mixers a good "middle shelf" liquor is fine. If you expect your guests to request more drinks straight (ie: "up" or "on the rocks", or martinis), I would recommend a premium or top shelf brand liquor. An average group of adults may drink 1. 5 to 2 drinks in the first hour of a party and may average another drink per hour thereafter, For example, if you have 100 guests for 5 hours, you would estimate 6 drinks per person (2 the first hour and 1 each for 4 hours). 100 guests times 6 equals 600 drinks. 600 drinks times a 1.5-ounce pour equals 900 ounces. Assuming you are using 5th, which each holds 25.6 ounces, you will need a minimum of 35 bottles. Remember wine is more than 1. 5 ounces per portion.

Wine is most commonly sold in 5th (the term for 1/5 of a gallon) or 750 ml (milliliter bottle) which contains 25.6 ounces, which produces 5 six-ounce, or 6 five-ounce glasses.
Plan for two drinks per person assuming a 4 to 5 ounce portion. The bartenders fill average size wine glasses half full. One bottle for each 2-½ guests = 20 bottles (12 white and 12 red) to be on the safe side

4-5 cases: (Domestic 1.5 cases, Imported 1.5 cases, Lite 2 cases)

Bar Set-Ups:
3 Gal. Orange juice
2 Gal. cranberry juice
1 Gal. pineapple juice (in cans)
2 qts. grapefruit juice (in cans)
2 qts. tomato juice (in cans)
2 small bottles Rose’s lime juice
1 bottle bitters
1 bottle grenadine
1 bottle Worcestershire sauce
1 bottle Tabasco sauce
6 lt. club soda
6 lt. tonic water
8- 2 lt. coke
3- 2 lt. diet coke
4- 2 lt. Sprite or 7-up
2- 2 lt Ginger ale
1- sour mix
1 Bloody Mary Mix bttl.
2 qts. Half &Half
1 Gal Milk
10 Lemons
15 limes
4 oranges
1 box salt (coarse)
2 bttls olives (plain & stuffed or gourmet)
1 cocktail onions

1 Bu. celery
1 maraschino cherries
1 superfine (beverage) sugar
1 can salt (table)
1 can black pepper
1 can whipped cream

Cocktail straws, napkins and picks

Cocktail Shaker, Corkscrews, Cutting Boards, Paring Knives, Pitchers, Condiment holder
Wine glasses, AP glasses (Optional: Martini glasses, Rocks glasses Shot Glasses).
Back up disposable clear tumblers in case run out of glasses).
Ice tubs to cool wine and beer. Clean Ice bucket and scoops for drinking ice.

3-4 lbs per guest for full bar in Summer- 2-3 lbs if cooler weather
This is enough to cool down the beer and wine as well as drinking ice.

Site Locations

We’ve done events in locations of varying styles, from local farms and halls to unique private mansions and museums. Whatever your vision is we can assist you in securing a location and venue that works best for your special event.
Please inquire for a current listing of site locations and venues

Customer Testimonials

Hear from our customers

  • It’s amazing that you and your team were able to accomplish what you did last night. Serving dinner for my 85 guests, on time and without a hitch with the wind and rain we had is remarkable. You really know what you’re doing and are obviously trained to be prepared. Thank god for caterers who are also Eagle Scouts (and strong tent spikes)!

    Phil S. Red Bank, NJ | Social Event Catering

  • Everything was wonderful on Saturday, the food was out of this world ! Everyone was raving about Foodini’s on Sunday and wishing you were here to make us Brunch :) The party accomplished everything I had hoped for and I thank you for that!

    Joanne D – Wall, NJ | Social Event Catering

  • The baby shower was a huge success, thank you. I’ve never had a better selection of tasty brunch fare, even at restaurants who “specialize” in Brunch. I hope you open a restaurant someday so I don’t have to wait for special occasions to eat your food!

    Lorraine P. – New Brunswick, NJ | Social Event Catering

  • Kyle and I (and everyone at the reception) were blown away by your food presentations, truly unique displays, delicious food and professional staff . We definitely chose the right caterer for our special day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Kyle & Katie | Wedding

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There are several different levels within the Full Service Category and we accommodate all of them from a team of 2 for your backyard barbecue to an entire brigade for an elaborate reception.