Catering companies are well known for their generous displays of delicious foods. Employees and clients always have their own original or common favorites, and some of these foods just need to be served at every corporate event for everyone to feel satisfied. Event catering items that are always well received by clients, vendors, and employees alike include the following categories:


You would think that guests would tire of chicken selections, but they never do. For enticing meals, chicken parmesan, pretzel-crusted chicken, and chicken Marsala are classic favorites to be served with complementing starches and fresh vegetables. For more variety, consider a crusty pot pie or chicken enchiladas.


Being close to the Jersey shore, seafood is a natural choice. Enjoy smoked salmon trays, shrimp on ice, tilapia, shrimp scampi or shrimp pesto. The presentation of these items is always beautiful and will entice all of your guests to partake in these dishes.

Fresh Vegetables

Yes, people do eat their vegetables these days. Vegetarians love a breaded eggplant such as eggplant Rollatini or three-bean chili. Green bean or broccoli casseroles will appeal to vegetarians and meat-lovers alike and can be served equally well on a plate or from a buffet.

Fresh Fruits

No matter what food a caterer is serving, fruit is always a popular choice. It can be presented in so many ways. It can be a compote, a fruit cup, a tray of assorted tropical selections, or even a colorful fruit kabob. Fruit works at every meal, break time, and even in between. It can be utilized in appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The combinations are endless and your corporate catered events will never go wrong with adding fruit to the menu.


Those who attend corporate events love to network and mingle. Juggling huge dishes of ice cream, cake, or pie can be very awkward, so smaller desserts such as cookies and bars are always an excellent alternative. For those with a bigger sweet tooth, bread pudding, cobblers, cheesecakes, and even a build-your-own sundae bar are all great choices.

Corporate event catering knows exactly what appeals to the masses. These caterers can create any type of cocktail party, meal, or even a lunch box selection if that is desired. Their skills, combined with their knowledge of what people really like, will help create a feast that all will rave about. If you really enjoy the variety and the flavors, consider hiring a personal chef or your own cocktail event or dinner party.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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