Side dishes might not get as much attention as the main course, but they’re an essential part of crafting a great meal. A good vegetable side provides a harmonious complement to everything else on your plate. There are a few specific vegetables that we frequently use because they are versatile and delicious. We can’t get enough of these tasty vegetables for sides.


Carrots are a great side because they are filling without being too starchy. This bright orange root vegetable provides crunch and texture when served raw in salads and slaws. Roasting it brings out even more complex flavors. Another reason to love carrots for side dishes is that even the pickiest eaters are generally happy to eat carrots when they are seasoned properly.


The sweet, summery taste of corn makes it a favorite for bbq catering NJ. Even as a side of buttery, salty corn on the cob, it can be extremely tasty. Corn’s crunchy texture and signature taste allow corn to stand out when it is mixed with stronger flavors too. It can be blended into tasty southwestern side salads, cooked into a dish of creamed corn, or sauteed with a vegetable stir fry.

Butternut Squash

It might not be the most traditional vegetable for a side, but butternut squash has become a favorite of foodies lately. The bright orange color and sweet taste of this squash complement a variety of roasted meats and legumes. It can be grilled with just a little pinch of cinnamon and olive oil, or it can be pureed to make a lower carb substitute for mashed potatoes.


They might technically be a fruit, but tomatoes are one of the most commonly consumed vegetable side dishes. Tomatoes are used in a variety of cultures, so they can be a great side for Italian, Mexican, Indian, and other ethnic cuisines. When doing event catering for summer events, we like to use raw tomatoes to create fresh, chilled sides. During the winter months, rich roasted tomatoes continue to be an excellent side option.


Like the other items on our list, broccoli is a universal side dish because it can stand up to a variety of flavors and cooking methods. When you need something simple that will not compete with the main course, classic steamed broccoli is a welcome addition. For a bolder side, broccoli can be tossed with tangy vinaigrette to make a salad or roasted with broccoli to emphasize its flavor.

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