As winter falls away, people shuck off the cold weather and the clothing that comes with it. Now is the time to look at the world in a new light. Now is also the time to look at the world in the same way. This is a process those at Foodinis understand very well. Fresh, light food of all kinds is something the company does well. Here are some suggestions to welcome in the new season in style.

Apricot Tart With Rhubarb

Apricots are a wonderful spring treat. They offer a tart exterior and juicy inside. The sweetness can be brought out by making a tart. At our company, we love pairing it with spring favorites. Rhubarb is bursting with flavor and easy to use. The two are just right for this season.

Gnocchi With Asparagus

An Italian favorite, gnocchi is a beloved staple of all those who make use of corporate event catering. Gnocchi fits in well with this style of cooking at this time of year. They are light and yet firm and filling at the same time. Asparagus is another favorite choice in spring. Take a handful and roast them with the gnocchi. Add in freshly grated parmesan and enjoy a great lunch.

Pasta With Ramps, Shrimp and Fresh Herbs

Pasta is good for this time of the year. It’s very easy to prepare and it goes with everything. Spring offers yet another way to show it off. Ramps are a brief and fleeting green commonly seen in the spring for a few weeks. Take the two and in some carefully boiled shrimp. You’ll want to coat the entire thing in some light olive oil and crushed fresh herbs. Chill and serve.

Pea Soup

Spring is when peas come to life in the fields and on the plate. Now is the time to go for that perfect pea soup. Look for robust peas without any blemishes. Blend them with some chicken broth. Add in a starch like rich for extra goodness. Let the whole thing simmer for a while. Top with sour cream and savor.

Poached Salmon

Fish is a must for any spring. It’s time to look for salmon in the spring. Catering in Ocean County, NJ often involves such light main courses. A well poached salmon in a richly flavored broth is right for any corporate catering NJ event. The fish appeals to a great many guests in search of something they can enjoy that won’t weigh them down. Pair with slices of lemon and gently toasted greens.

Roasted Strawberry Salad

Strawberries come to life in the spring. They’re right for snacking on their own or roasted to bring out that marvelous flavor. You can eat the roasted strawberries as dessert with a bit of dark chocolate and some nuts. You can also eat them in a salad with a bit of light dressing and some well chosen salad greens. Add grated cheese and sit back with the ideal cool lunch on a mild day.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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