Birthdays, holidays and weddings are all great excuses to throw a backyard party. You might not even have a specific reason for your event. Just gathering with your favorite friends and family members is the only excuse you need to invite everyone to your house for a party. As you get ready to send out your invites, remember these reasons why hiring a catering company is perfect for backyard celebrations.

Make Planning Your Guest List and Budget a Breeze

Figuring out how many people you want to invite and how much food to plan for is easy when you rely on catering Monmouth County NJ party planners use. Our transparent pricing is typically based upon how many people you want to serve. All you have to do is give us a head count, and we’ll figure out the portion sizes and final cost. This lets you skip trying to figure out how much of each ingredient to buy, and you’ll know exactly what to plan for in your budget.

Dazzle Your Guests With Professionally Prepared Meals

Do you have big ideas for your party, but you aren’t sure if you can pull it off? In addition to the typical backyard fare, such as sliders, we’ve got fancier options that might be hard to prepare on your own. From our Tuscan antipasto platter to pretzel-crusted chicken, you won’t have to worry about messing up a dish when you’ve got professional chefs handling the prep work.

Spare Yourself From Doing All of the Cooking and Cleanup

Even if you love cooking, trying to prepare enough food for a crowd is stressful. Cooking a big meal tends to leave the kitchen a wreck, which is a major problem when guests are walking through your house. A catering service removes all of the hassle so that you aren’t spending hours cleaning up after the party is over.

Choose How You Want the Food Delivered and Served

Food safety is critical during outdoor parties. Allowing cold foods to get warm can cause your guests to get sick, and hot food needs to stay at a certain temperature to prevent food-borne illness. Caterers in NJ know how to keep the food at the right temp. We can deliver it fully cooked and ready to serve when you want, or we can finish preparing it on-site for the ultimate option for freshness.

Get Help With Other Essentials for the Set Up

Does your backyard lack enough tables and chairs? Or, do you just need more plates and serving ware. Professional catering also can help you plan for the little extras that make your party special.

Spend Your Day Mingling and Not Stressing

The most important reason for hiring a catering company is that this option gives you the chance to enjoy your party. After all, you don’t want to spend your time inside finishing up a dish when everyone else is out there having fun. Taking the worries off of your plate lets you loosen up and have a good time making memories with your guests.

Your backyard party might be fairly casual, but we’ll make sure the food you serve is as good as a five-star restaurant. Hiring a catering company that is known for timely service and fresh food means that you’ll be able to enjoy your day without worrying about the menu.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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