If you’re looking for a sandwich that’s out of this world, adding condiments can turn an everyday sandwich into something really spectacular. There are the usual condiments, like ketchup and mustard, but you might not be aware of the kinds of condiments available. Here’s a list of things you can put on your sandwiches to really give them that kick you’re looking for.

-Tzatziki Sauce

This delicious yogurt sauce originated in Greece and is the usual condiment involved in a nice, greasy gyro. You might be surprised to find out that tzatziki works on other sandwiches, too. A nice cucumber sandwich is a great complement to the zing of tzatziki, especially if you are trying to eat clean.

-Chipotle Sauce

This spicy Southwest sauce has surfaced on menus from Subway, to the local cafe. It’s a great addition to salads as well as sandwiches with chicken. If you’re looking for some spice, this is a great way to add it to your life.

-Aioli (Garlic Mayonnaise)

This classic sandwich topper adds to the delicious flavor of the meat used; it’s particularly good with spicy sausage. If you take private cooking classes in NJ you’ll soon discover that garlic mayo shows up in many different dishes.

-Piri-Piri Sauce

Long a favorite for roasted chicken, piri-piri sauce is a condiment with a kick. Fun fact: it means “pepper pepper” in Swahili!  Don’t worry about trying to make it for your next event, look into having a caterer provide piri-piri sauce for the sandwiches. This does pair best with a chicken sandwich.


This ubiquitous sauce in Korean restaurants and households is a great addition to any sandwich. Its name translates to ‘red pepper paste’ and is used in traditional Korean dishes like tteokbokki. Gojuchang is so good that many people bring it overseas or  order it specially from Asian markets. If you take private cooking classes, start using gojuchang in your dishes, and learning more about Korean cuisine, your guests will be impressed.

-English Mustard

This far spicier, more refined version of American yellow mustard is popular on sandwiches all over the world. The mustard is somewhere between wasabi and the mustard we are familiar with. This type is best bought in powdered form and mixed with cold water about fifteen minutes prior to use.


This hot mustard from Japan is wonderful in small doses! It’s usually provided with sushi, but it can also be used for sandwiches as well. Don’t try to spread it around like you would with yellow mustard, though.  Think about pairing it with your next tuna and avocado sandwich for a change.

-Peanut Butter

This condiment isn’t just for the usual PB&J; it’s also for the daring. Have you tried a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich? It will change your life. There are corporate caterers here in NJ  who offer innovative and intriguing spins like this all the time.

So whether you’re looking to impress your guests with a Piri-Piri sauce, or spice up your bland chicken sandwiches with a Chipotle sauce, condiments can make a world of a difference.  Try new things, explore your options, and don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals such as a personal chef or private cooking classes.

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- Chef John Deatcher

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