Halloween is lots of fun. Like many people, you probably love the idea of picking a costume and spending time with others. You may even want to host your own Halloween party. If you are thinking about putting together an event, it’s often a good idea to have it catered. Working with caterers in New Jersey has many advantages. A meal delivery service can help you determine how to create a menu your guests will enjoy from start to finish. Many caterers can offer suggestions to help everyone at your party relax and get in a festive mood.

The Age of the Participants

One of the first things any food service will ask about is the ages of your guests. Are you planning an event for your in laws or your toddler’s playmates? The type of food offered will most likely be different for both. You also might decide to make your event an adults only party or one that includes teens but no one younger. A party with little ones can be a lot of fun for everyone and allow parents to show off some truly fabulous costumes. An adults only party might be better if you’re holding the party later at night or at a place that is not child friendly.

Halloween Themed Items

This is the time of year when you can get just as creative with your food items as you do with what you’re going to wear. For example, our catering company can help you decide on a menu that features lots of Halloween ideas. You might serve traditional apples dipped in caramel but then carve the apples into spooky shapes. Perhaps you would serve lots of small appetizers like pigs in blankets or empanadas but cut them into Halloween themed shapes. You can also look to the colors of the holiday to create a menu. Orange and black are popular seasonal colors. Serve your guests a menu with lots of orange items like squash soup shooters and pumpkin pie. You can also play around with other foods and dye them black. Add even more devil to your deviled eggs by dying them black. Use very dark chocolate to cover fruit for a spooky flair.

Serving Alcohol

Another form of consideration is whether or not you’ll be serving alcohol. Alcohol is another aspect that allows you to be original with cocktail creations. If you’re inviting youngsters, you can create non-alcoholic versions of your drinks so they can also join in the fun. Orange juice is ideal when mixed with most kinds of alcohol. White wine also works well as an informal drink that your guests will love. Bring in some more of the holiday theme with black glasses to drink from. You can also add flair and drama with the use of items like straws and additions to top the drinks with like carved fruit.

Putting It All Together

Make sure you allow the caterer at least one week’s notice. You also want to make sure you have enough drinks and food for all your guests. Allow at least four appetizers, two drinks, and one main course for each person. You and your guests will have lots of fun and full bellies with proper Halloween menu planning.

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- Chef John Deatcher

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