Is this a diet meal prep company?
While Foodinis is more of a convenience-based meal service than a dietary one, we always keep health in mind when cooking; using healthy fats such as avocado oil, Sea salt, and organic produce when possible. We focus on providing well-balanced, perfectly portioned, nutritious meals that you will look forward to and will stick to eating! Many customers see weight loss immediately, simply because the meals are delivered fresh weekly and are always there for them. This leads to less straying or having the need to order unhealthy take-out or preservative-laden fast food. Our “comfort food with a healthy twist” menu provides several clean and healthy options along with some indulgent classics we kept “untwisted”. Everything in moderation!

What are your portion sizes?
Each meal contains 6-8oz of protein, which is more generous than the 4-5 oz industry standard. Sides include 3-4 oz of starch, and/or 3 oz of vegetables, creating a complete (and hefty) nutrient-dense single-pack meal.

Are your products gluten-free?
Each week we offer several GF options. That’s where our “Comfort Food with a Twist” model comes in. We create Gluten-Free Breading, Binders & Thickeners using alternative ingredients such as rice, chickpea, and cassava products in place of the wheat gluten.

Do you offer vegan meals?
Each week we offer at least 1 vegetarian and 1 vegan option. That’s where our “Comfort Food with a Twist” model comes in. Besides cooking with vegan ingredients that mother earth gives us naturally, we also create recipes utilizing amazing prepared products such as tempeh, tofu, and seitan that are prepared with wholesome ingredients we truly stand behind.

What if I don’t like a meal?
Our Chefs rely greatly on customer feedback and are always striving to please your palate. One of the pleasures of ordering Foodinis Meal Prep is enjoying new flavors in meals you may not have experienced before. If you’re not happy with a meal please let us know at [email protected]. While we no longer customize meals, if it’s a simple elimination of an ingredient (“..hey stop garnishing my chili with cilantro I hate that stuff!”), we can usually accommodate. If a container is damaged or a meal delivered that wasn't what you ordered we will refund you or replace those items on your next order

How long will food stay fresh?
Meals are best consumed within 4-5 days after delivery. We suggest enjoying any fish or seafood items first. Refrigerate all meals upon delivery- You may also freeze your meals if you plan on not consuming them throughout the week that they are delivered.

Where do I find Nutritional info?
We are working on Nutritional information for the labels and for you to view on each menu item online. This will be done very soon!

What if I have allergies?
We are working on Allergen information for the labels and for you to view on each menu item online. This will be done very soon! We recommend emailing our customer service team or including your allergies in the additional notes section at checkout.

Can I customize my meals?
While we no longer customize meals, if it’s a simple elimination of an ingredient (“..hey stop garnishing my chili with cilantro I hate that stuff!”).

Can I choose my own meals?
Of course! We offer 8-12 entrée selections as well as several By-The-Pound options each week for you to choose from. Place your order online at https://foodinis.myshopify.com or feel free to email [email protected] -- or call us at 732-775-FOOD with any questions before placing your order.

How often do your menus change?
Our menus change on a weekly basis. We want to always bring you the best variety and seasonal items.

Does Foodini's offer Gift Certificates or Donations?
Yes and Yes! And what a perfectly practical yet unique gift to give to New parents, Seniors, College kids, Convalescents, Busy singles, Valentine's treat, or any occasion! Gather a group together and donate a week’s worth of meals to a family in need or someone quarantining.

Gather a group together and donate a week’s worth of meals to a family in need or someone quarantining.


We know you are busy so we’ve made the ordering window 3 full days. Place your order starting Sunday 9am to Wednesday 12pm for delivery or pick-up the following Monday.
There are no meal plans or subscriptions. Simply visit our website at www.foodinis.com/mealprep or go directly to the ordering page at
https://foodinis.myshopify.com and add items to your shopping cart. There are no minimums for pick up. There is a $70 minimum food order for delivery. We offer free delivery up to 10 mi from our location (Neptune 07753). Delivery fees will be calculated before checkout.

How many meals can I order?
As many as you want! If you prefer for us to deliver the total must equal $70 before tax and delivery.

Can I skip a week?
You are never obligated to receive meals every week. To skip a week, simply don’t place an order!

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can cancel your order without penalty by Wednesday at 12pm est, which is also our order deadline day. If canceled between Wednesday 12pm-Friday 12pm 60% of the total will be refunded. If canceled after 12pm on Friday there is no refund.


At Foodini’s Meal Prep Service, our goal is to exceed your expectations. This not only includes preparing some of the best meals you’ve ever tasted, but we will also save you TIME & MONEY! Try this experiment: Calculate the cost of your meals each week for one month, including take-out, dining out and food that’s growing fuzz in your refrigerator-that you planned on cooking. Now, add the time it takes to prepare a meal from start to finish, including shopping and clean-up. I think you can see; you will win in more ways than one by engaging in Foodini’s Meal Prep Service. You have nothing to lose; there are no contracts or hidden fees. Try us today!

The industry standard is $10-$20 per meal We are a mid range priced Meal Prep service offering larger than standard portions of delicious recipes that land between $12-$16 per meal.

Do you offer bulk discounts?
YES! Order our Family Size or By-the-Pound options and your price per portion is in the $5-$10 range!


How do I change my credit card on file?
If you are in our system via the website, you are able to add/delete/update payment info by logging in, clicking My Account, Billing Info, then selecting Add New Credit Card. Multiple cards can be saved to your file, select the one you want to be billed. If you called in your credit card please give the office a call back to update or add a new card.

When will I be charged?
Your first charge will incur when you place your first order. Moving forward, you will be charged on Mondays, the day of delivery.


Where does Foodini's deliver?
We deliver to all of NJ and parts of NY and PA

When are deliveries made?
We deliver on Mondays between 1pm-5pm.
*** While we cannot deliver on any other day except for Mondays (at this time), we can usually accommodate a pick up on the following day (Tuesday)

Do I need to be home to receive the delivery?
Yes and No. If this is a gift or a one-time service you would need to be home to receive the delivery. If you fall in love with Foodini's after your first order and plan on ordering consistently, we highly recommend adding the “Thermal Tote & Ice Pack” from the order page, to you cart. This convenient, collapsible, insulated tote bag, along with a 1 qt ice pack will keep your meals at a safe temperature during transit and on your porch for up to 2 hours in summer, 4 hours in spring and fall and 12 hours or more in winter. This is a one-time $35 fee and will last the lifetime of your service. Please remember to leave your tote and ice packs out ahead of your delivery for us to pick up for your next service.
Please leave any additional instructions for your driver in the comments section when you check out- (ie: “We prefer contactless delivery”, “Leave bag on front porch, side of house, under awning”, etc…). Bring your meals inside and refrigerated as soon as possible after delivery.

Is there a minimum purchase to receive a meal delivery?
Yes. There is a $70 minimum order for delivery. We offer free delivery up to 5 mi from our location (Neptune 07753). Delivery charge will be calculated at checkout.

There are no minimums for pick-up!

What if my community is gated?
If the gate is manned 24 hours, we recommend adding Foodini's to your list of approved deliveries. If the gate is unmanned, we are equipped to securely store a key FOB for your deliveries. Any access codes can be listed in Delivery Notes. When in doubt, give us a call–we will do whatever possible to provide a suitable delivery solution.


We do not have any set closures due to holidays. If any special circumstances arise and we need to close or change our set delivery day, we would give you plenty of notice prior to the change.

Where is the food made?
All of your scrumptious meals are prepared in our State inspected commercial kitchen located at 1700 State Rt 33, Neptune NJ 07753- Chef owned and operated in this location since 2007

Do you have a retail location? What about Grab n Go?
While Foodinis brick and mortar happens to be in a retail location on route 33 in Neptune just yards East of Jersey Shore University Medical Center, we do not currently offer retail. However, we are working on logistics for a grab-and-go for your convenience! We will be offering breakfast and lunch items along with our current meal prep entrees. We will keep you posted on Social media as to when Grab and Go will be launched

Can orders be tracked once they’re placed?
Deliveries are generally between 1pm-5pm. If you need a tighter delivery time range and you’ve placed your order online through our Shopify store, there is an option to receive a notification that your meals are being “prepared for delivery”. This means they are being loaded and ready for take-off (this generally means they’ll be there within the hour). If you would like this notification please leave that request in your comments / notes section upon check out.


How is Foodini's handling Covid-19?
Foodini’s commitment to preparing food for their customers in a clean and sanitary environment has always been a top priority. Immediately following the COVID-19 outbreak we enhanced our already stellar sanitation procedures in all areas identified as “touchpoints” such as doorknobs, light switches, steering wheels, etc. Our kitchen team are all Serv-Safe trained and focused on your safety and health by closely monitoring the latest developments. They continue to follow the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by practicing the following:

· Utilizing alcohol-based hand sanitizers
· Placing CDC endorsed posters reminding employees on appropriate handwashing procedures as well as methods to prevent transmission and promote hygiene
· Encouraging individuals who feel ill to stay at home. Etc..

We have taken these extra measures to ensure your confidence in our ability to maintain your health while continuing to provide the highest quality of catering services.
As always, we remain dedicated to your health and wellness, and continue to strive to be leaders in the catering / meal prep industry. Our management team is always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and will continue to make every effort to ensure your safety. Thank you for your putting your trust in Foodinis. We take this trust very seriously. Stay healthy and be well!

Refrigerate or freeze meals upon delivery.
Meals are microwave safe. We suggest removing any meals you have frozen, to the refrigerator, overnight and up to 4 days before consuming.
For more even heating, remove each entree from refrigerator at least 60 minutes, and up to 3 hours before heating.
Bulkier items such as pastas and stews will take slightly longer in microwave. Heat, covered, for 90 seconds. Continue heating in 30 second increments until hot throughout. For delicate items such as fish and sliced steaks, etc.., heating 60 seconds and then 30 second increments is suggested.
If you wish to heat in conventional oven, most items will do fine, removed to a Pyrex or other oven-safe dish, covered with foil and heated in a pre-heated 375* oven 10-20 minutes, depending on bulkiness of the meal.
Family size meals (foil ½ pans) may be heated in its entirety in the pan itself, covered, for about 25-45 minutes or you may wish to remove portions to be heated in microwave or conventional oven as per directions above.
Soups, stews and sauces if applicable, may need a touch of canned broth or water added to thin out during heating. Remove any plastic “souffle” containers from main container, pour or scoop into a microwavable safe ramekin, cover and heat briefly, about 30 seconds (souffle containers are NOT microwavable). You may remove lemons, limes and other garnishes before heating. For garlic bread- Heat in broiler, middle rack in its foil for about 15 minutes. Uncover, unfold bread and continue to toast until golden brown, (1-2 minutes).

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
Some fish and meat items are slightly undercooked purposely so that when you heat them they end up perfectly prepared, moist and delicious. We cook poultry all the way through (165*f internal), so be cautious not to overcook when heating.