If you’re interested in finding a personal chef but need some guidance as to how to locate this type of professional, look no further. Some great places to begin your quest for your very own expert cook could include:


If you know someone who uses a personal chef, ask them how they found theirs. Maybe they would be able to share this person’s information with you, or may know of other chefs who are looking for work in your area. Don’t take word of mouth for granted!

Culinary Schools

There are many young chefs who are still in school or who are just starting in their careers who would love to provide great meals for you and your family. They often have new and refreshing ideas about what you would enjoy and are eager to make a name for themselves. Check with your local culinary institutes and schools – they might have names of students looking for extra work.

Cooking Classes

Many chefs offer private cooking classes. They are often available to work other jobs in their off hours. Ask about their willingness to work with you, and be sure to inquire about their pricing and specialties. Allowing them to pre-make your meals for your household may give them the time they need to teach their private cooking classes, it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

Event Catering Companies

Caterers in New Jersey employ gourmet chefs to help run events and parties. These food experts may not work all the time, and many might be available to supply your family with unique, nutritious meals. If you attend an event and the food is outstanding, ask for the name of the chef or ask for their business card. Many are available during the week as weekends are the busiest times for event caterers.


If you’re still having a hard time finding a personal chef, we recommend running an ad in a local newspaper. Ask for resumes and references so you can get an idea of their expertise. Interview the applicants who seem most likely to suit your family’s needs and tastes. Select the individual who is most qualified and who can work with your schedule.

Other Options

A great alternative to finding your own chef is to consider a meal delivery service. Find one that is up to your standards by tasting samples and reviewing menus of local companies that do this type of service. A meal delivery company can be an excellent method of getting food on your table until you find the personal chef you are looking for.

As you can see, finding a personal chef service in New Jersey does not have to be a grand undertaking. All it takes is a little common sense and commitment.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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