If you don’t cook very often, there could be a few rookie mistakes made that you do not realize. Once you begin preparing larger meals or cooking for other people, then these mistakes can become apparent. It is easy to change the taste of your meals just by adjusting the ingredients of the length of time you cook it for, but that comes with practice. If you’re planning a large event or just looking to sharpen your cooking skills, then consider hiring a personal chef so that you can learn more about how to prepare foods.

Be patient

One of the mistakes that you’re likely making is not letting your meat rest for a few minutes. If meat is left on a plate for five minutes, the natural juices will add more flavor to your meal.

Avoid cooking meat as soon as you take it from the refrigerator or freezer. If you let it sit out for a few minutes to get to room temperature, then you’ll notice even cooking throughout the meat. You should also avoid flipping meat more than once or twice. When you first put meat in a pan or on a grill, let it sit a little longer than it does on the other side. If you notice that you need to flip it again, only let it stay in the pan for a minute or two so that the meat doesn’t get dry or lose its flavor. You can take private cooking classes at various schools and businesses offer the chance for participants to learn more about what to look for when you are cooking meat so that it gets done all the way.

Taste as you go

Another common mistake is that you don’t taste your food while you’re cooking. You might think that you’re adding enough seasonings. However, if you don’t taste your dishes, then you could end up with something that is lacking in flavor. It’s important that you don’t add too many seasonings as this can leave your food too spicy or too overpowering. You can add a small amount of water or lemon juice if this happens to tame the spices used.

Prepare food separately

When you begin cooking, you might think that it’s alright to put everything in a pot or pan at the same time. This will decrease the heat in the pan and will result in a longer period of time for your food to get done. Some of the food you prepare might get done faster than the rest, which could mean a burnt taste if you leave everything in the pan together. If you are preparing food that is designed to accommodate diets such as keto diets, it is imperative to ensure that the food is not mixed up with non-dietary dishes to avoid causing an embarrassing situation.

Learn from your mistakes!

There are times when you might prepare a meal and expect that it should taste a certain way. When you put your meal together, you discover that it’s far from how it should taste. Avoid adding a lot of other ingredients to salvage one meal. Mistakes happen, and you should learn from them instead of thinking that you have to save everything that you make. You should also avoid preparing ready-made meals all the time. While they are convenient, there’s nothing like a healthy meal with fresh ingredients. It’s even better if meals contain plant-based elements because they enhance the healthiness of meals.

If you are not experienced when it comes to food preparation, don’t be scared to attend a cooking lesson… or a few! Foodini, located down the Jersey Shore, is a chef-owned and operated business, assuring high-quality service and attention to detail. Learning to cook takes time and practice. Luckily, at Foodini’s, we have experienced chefs and cooks who would be more than happy to help you get started!

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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