Halloween is a time to enjoy tricks and treats. However, it doesn’t have to be filled with a lot of sweet candy isn’t quite as healthy for you as other food choices. Here are some treats that will keep you in the spooky spirit without a lot of sugar.

Haunted Vegetables

You’re going to want to eat your vegetables when you cut them into fun Halloween shapes like ghosts, pumpkins, and witch hats. You can use any kind of vegetable that resembles the color of the shape you’re cutting, hut some ideas include squash for ghosts and sweet potatoes for pumpkin shapes.


There are a few ways that you can make healthy eyeballs for Halloween. Take a few private cooking classes offered by catering companies to learn how to make fun treats, and put your own healthy spin on it with fruits and veggies as ingredients. For example, try making cheese balls that you can top with a slice of cucumber and a slice of olive for an eye-catching snack. Another option would be to peel green grapes and add a blueberry on slices that you make.


Make colorful jack-o-lanterns out of fruits or veggies for a fun Halloween treat. For example, you can cut a fun face into the side of a bell pepper before filling it with an assortment of vegetables or meat. Bake the peppers for a savory meal to enjoy before taking part in a few haunted festivities for the evening.

Ghost Pops

Insert a Popsicle stick into peeled bananas before freezing the fruit. Once they are frozen, you can drizzle them with peanut butter, add small chocolate chips for the eyes, or dip them in vanilla yogurt. These are a healthy treat for your children to enjoy instead of eating a lot of candy after getting home from trick-or-treating adventures.

Apple Pie Mummy

With eyes peeking out between the layers of pie crust, this is a dessert that you can make at any time during the Halloween season that everyone will enjoy. Use fresh apples for the filling along with a small amount of cinnamon and brown sugar for flavor. Place strips of pie dough across the apples before baking the pie to create the look of a mummy. After taking it out of the oven, place candy eyes between the strips.

Mummy Pizzas

If you want to make a fun meal for your family for Halloween that’s healthy, then consider French bread mummies. Before toasting the bread, add tomato sauce, strips of mozzarella cheese, and olives for the eyes. Make sure you place the cheese so that it looks like the wrapping on a mummy.

Apple Bites

Take a bite out of the holiday with apple slices and peanut butter that are put together to look like vampire’s teeth. Put enough peanut butter between two slices of apples so that you can set a slice of strawberry to look like a tongue. You can use chocolate chips for the eyes and sunflower or pumpkin seeds for the teeth. One way to make the treat a little healthier is to use sunflower or almond butter instead of peanut butter. Position the teeth and eyes in different ways so that each face is a little different in appearance.

Though sweets and candy will always dominate this holiday, it is always nice to take a break and enjoy something fresh instead. Parents will especially appreciate any healthy, spooky snacks that you bring along to Halloween parties.

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- Chef John Deatcher

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