Meatless Mondays have gained momentum over the past several years, and it is easy for many people to think that this is a new movement. Choosing to reduce meat in your diet might be something that you prefer to do for health purposes, or it might fit into your goal to lower your carbon footprint. In either case, you should know that skipping meat dishes one day a week goes all the way back to World War I.

Back then, food was in short supply, and President Herbert Hoover launched a campaign for Americans to reduce the use of certain staples in their diet. Today, the movement is about health and environmental awareness more than wartime rationing, and you can find tons of meal options that make following this tradition an exciting way to improve your diet.

Orecchiette With Broccoli Rabe, Cremini Mushrooms and White Beans

Pasta dishes are filling, and the best recipes include vegetables that are known for being nutritional powerhouses. Orecchiette pasta resembles a tiny ear, and the indention in the middle is perfect for capturing delicious light sauces. Adding cremini mushrooms and white beans to the dish packs it with protein, and the broccoli rabe adds more iron along with B-vitamins that make this meal complete.

Minestrone With Escarole Soup

If soup doesn’t sound filling enough to have for dinner, then you’ve got to try minestrone. Unlike a plain broth soup, this recipe is full of ingredients such as carrots, pasta, beans and escarole that are guaranteed to fill you up. Like many other meatless meals, the beans serve as the source of protein. You’ll also love the addition of escarole to the soup if you’ve never tried it before. The slightly bitter flavor of escarole softens with the other ingredients, while the leafy greens add extra fiber that makes a bowl of this soup perfect for either lunch or dinner.

Spicy Stir-Fry Vegetables With Sesame Peanut Sauce and Noodles

Get ready to have your tastebuds tantalized in a way that makes Meatless Mondays anything but boring. A spicy sesame peanut sauce gives you protein when you are craving something other than beans. This meal is also packed with delicious vegetables that release deeper flavors when they are cooked with high heat. Just about any veggie can work with this meal. Broccoli, snap peas and bell peppers are a few ideas to toss in the pan, or you can order from our meal prep service and skip all of the chopping.

Tofurkey and Cheese Enchiladas

Mondays are known for being hectic, and there might be a few days when you just really crave comfort food. When this happens, tofurkey is an excellent substitute that is so much like the real thing that you just might fool your family. Tofurkey is made using soy and wheat proteins. Its meat-like texture and flavor makes it perfect for using in hearty dishes such as enchiladas. The fact that it is lower in fat than beef feels like a bonus on top of the delicious flavor that you can get from our meal delivery service, New Jersey families rely on during busy weeks.

Did you know that Meatless Monday was accompanied by Wheatless Wednesdays? While other generations might have had to scramble to make major changes in their diet, we have it much easier today. With so many delicious menu options available, you may just discover that meatless dishes quickly become some of your favorites. Do all of these sound delicious but time consuming? Let us help you with that by joining our meal prep service email list to get our menus each week!

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