Holiday parties are a special time of the year when the people at your company get the chance to trade their desks in for dining tables and dig into what makes each person of the team so unique. Corporate catering is designed to take the stress of planning the event off of your shoulders by providing food options that everyone loves. These helpful tips will help you make the right decisions for feeding everyone on your company’s invite list.

Make Sure Everyone Has Food Options

With any crowd, it is best to assume that there will be some variance in people’s diets. Planning for a diverse crowd means remembering that you might have guests who adhere to a plant-based diet or that need to watch out for food allergies.

If you know of specific preferences, then include them in your menu choices when you consult with your New Jersey corporate caterer. If you’re not sure of everyone’s preferences, then we have options such as a taco salad bar that fits most people’s dietary needs.

Stay Aligned With the Company Culture

Has your company always had a casual environment that encourages creativity and collaboration? If so, then your party might work best with a buffet that allows for more mingling. Or, you might want to plan a sit-down dinner with servers bringing the food if your company’s culture tends to be more formal. Thinking about how the service method impacts the general tone of the party helps you maintain the right ambiance.

Check Out the Schedule of Events

Is your company planning to hand out awards? Or, will there be a gift exchange or speaker? If so, then you’ll want to factor these events into the timing for the food service. Our team arrives early enough to finish prepping the food. We plan our arrival based upon when you anticipate that everyone will be ready to eat. We can help you determine the best estimated timeline based upon the program.

Consider the Venue of the Catered Event

Some holiday parties are held at the company headquarters where you might have everyone gather in a large conference room. Others are held outdoors or at a nearby location that has more space for everyone to bring a guest or two. Check out the venue beforehand if you can to identify things that are already in place. Corporate caterers in NJ rely on having everything they need to use this information to arrange for tables, chairs and serving stations.

Decide If You Will Serve Alcohol

Companies tend to have different policies regarding serving alcohol at their events. We don’t supply alcohol, but we can help you figure out how much you need based upon your guest list. We also have bartenders who can mix drinks and keep an eye on things so that no one gets over-served.

As the big day draws near, keep in mind that this is also your time to enjoy the festive occasion. This party represents a chance to make your mark as the ultimate holiday event organizer for your company. Let us know if anything changes along the way so that we can make the necessary adjustments that allow you feel free to enjoy the moment.

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