One of the best ways to celebrate the summer season is to spend time outdoors and host a beach party. Whether you have an upcoming birthday or simply want to get together with your friends, a beach party is a perfect way to have fun. When you want to host a successful party on the sand, there are a few important steps to take.

Plan Games

Keep your guests entertained and occupied during the beach party with plenty of games that are available. Accommodate those who want to spend time on the sand and other people who may want to cool off in water. Bring a volleyball net, beach ball, and Twister when you want to have a few ice breakers that allow everyone to get acquainted. You can also organize potato sack competitions or swimming races in the water.

Hire a Caterer

One of the most common challenges when visiting the beach is finding parking and transporting all of your belongings to the spot that you pick out. Simplify the food prep process by hiring caterers to serve the food. You can create a customized menu with a personal chef in New Jersey to serve food that is appropriate for the outdoor setting. Opt for refreshing cocktails, cucumber sandwiches, and beef spring rolls. You can show off the impressive presentation of the food and serve a large group of people. You can choose beach-themed dessert options that include sand dollar shortbread cookies, and Rice Krispie treat watermelon.

Set Out Tables and Chairs

Tables and lounge chairs will create an upscale environment when you want to add a touch of formality to your event. Create fun centerpieces for the tables to make it feel more like a party with seashell vases that hold flowers and starfish that are grouped together. You can also add a few messages in bottles and place coconuts in sand buckets.

Umbrellas and tents will also come in handy to offer extra shade from the sun and prevent the food from becoming warm as it sits out.

Create a Party Playlist

A party playlist is essential to create an upbeat environment where your guests can relax. Choose summer classics that everyone is familiar with and will reinforce your theme. You’ll need to bring a music player that you can hook up to a pair of portable speakers.

Host a Bonfire

Break out the s’mores and the lighter fluid once the sun goes down to encourage everyone to stay for a bonfire at the party. Lay out a few blankets and towels and pass out skewers that your friends can use to roast marshmallows over an open fire. Ask someone to bring a guitar along where you can sing songs together and make conversation as the night comes to an end. You may need to obtain a permit for the bonfire in advance. Using glow-in-the-dark beach balls will also illuminate the area and can make it easy to continue having fun.

With summer right around the corner it is imperative to get yourself ready for any parties around the summer holidays. Hopefully these tips will help you host a great summer get-together for your family and friends your next time at the beach.

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