Holidays like Labor Day may come from a tough time in our history when workers had to fight for many of the protections that we have today. However, this holiday has now become an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of everyone in the labor force by taking a well-deserved day off to spend time with our family and friends. Since this holiday tends to fall on the edge of summer, one of the most popular ways to celebrate it is by hosting a barbecue. However, a bbq is perfect for any celebration or holiday, with our barbecue catering NJ families hire, you’ll enjoy these benefits that make it easier to celebrate this special occasion.

Serve Perfectly Cooked Meat

Food safety is important anytime you are hosting a party outside, and serving a meal that makes your guests sick ruins all of the fun. If you aren’t used to cooking on a grill, then you might be unsure of how to keep meat moist and tender while making sure it hits the right temp to kill off all of the bacteria. A catering company can provide you with prepared food that is finished at your party site for ultimate freshness. With an expert handling the tongs, you won’t have to stress over being responsible for the main focus of your Labor Day bash.

Spend More Time Outside

Grilling is one part of hosting a BBQ that you might enjoy. There’s something about serving fresh food to your loved ones that just feels good. However, you may dread all of the extra work that goes into making the sides. Cutting up ingredients for potato and macaroni salad is time-consuming and tedious. Or, you might not want to worry over whether or not the baked beans are ready. Our Jersey Shore catering service also offers all of the classic barbecue sides that you know your guests expect.

Set Out an Impressive Spread

Burgers and hot dogs are pretty standard Labor Day barbecue foods, but you might want to mix it up this year. Are you trying to impress your new in-law’s? Or, perhaps you are celebrating the diversity of your company’s hardworking team? If so, then bringing out a few unexpected dishes is a sure way to impress everyone. Swordfish, lamb chops and ahi tuna are all fun options to serve at your feast that makes your barbecue feel like a five-star restaurant meal. The best part is that everyone will be raving at the food while you never even had to break a sweat.

Hosting a barbecue is hard work, and stressing over the food cuts into your chance to kick back and relax over a long weekend. We make working with our catering service easy with a menu that has full descriptions and prices for every option and a concierge experience that lets you pick and choose which additional services you need. Whether you’re hosting a backyard party at home or a company-sponsored event, we’ve got you covered with fresh food and everything you need for a good time.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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