The holidays are almost here, and this year everyone’s looking forward to being able to attend more social events. Whether you’ve got a corporate celebration to plan or are eager to give your extended family a seasonal feast, one of your biggest concerns right now is likely to be how to feed a crowd. Working with an off-premise catering company offers these benefits that make planning your holiday gathering easy.

Open Up More Event Site Options

The need for a kitchen can severely limit your options for where you can host the event. Over the years, we’ve helped plan and serve food for events at just about any place you can imagine. From mansions to farms, we know how to create an amazing meal service experience with food that we make in our kitchens and bring straight to your event where we can serve it at the perfect temp.

Minimize Noise and Disruptions

The last thing you want at your event is for everyone to hear the general noise that comes from a busy kitchen. Even if your event site has a kitchen, no one wants to listen to crashing sounds or have to pass through it while a crew of people are busy cooking. With corporate event catering NJ companies call for their holiday gatherings, you’ll find that our staff arrives promptly and ready to serve the food without unnecessary disruptions.

Feed a Huge Crowd With Ease

There’s also the possibility that your kitchen simply isn’t big enough to accommodate all of the pots and pans that are required to feed a bigger crowd. Large families often run into this problem, and event catering NJ party hosts choose to ask for assistance can eliminate this worry completely. Our off-site kitchens are built for commercial use, which means that we’ve got plenty of burners, refrigerator space and cookware to feed hundreds of people with no problem.

Get Help With Planning All of the Details

Once you get into the meat of planning a holiday gathering, you might start to feel like you are in over your head. In addition to having a commercial kitchen and the ability to prepare and serve food with minimal stress, you’ll find that an off-premise catering company can also help you with all of those other essentials that are weighing on your mind. We’ve helped party planners with everything from figuring out how much meat and alcohol to order to finding the perfect inflatable or magician to keep the kids entertained.

The holidays are a time to enjoy, and you shouldn’t be spending your time stressing out over any detail of your special events. After all, you deserve to enjoy those special gatherings too, and we’ve got everything you need to shower your guests with a lavish feast. When you have us on your side, all you need is a guest list and a general plan for the types of food you want to serve. We’ll handle all of the cooking, planning and serving so that you can mingle and enjoy the beauty of the season with your favorite people.

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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