Typically, hosting a family dinner means throwing some burgers on the grill and calling it a day. However, if you’re hosting a dinner for a formal occasion, like a wedding, a holiday, or a family reunion, you’re probably looking for something a little fancier. Simple decorations, elegant table settings, and delicious food can go a long way toward making a big impression. Are you thinking about hosting your own family dinner? Here’s some advice to help you (and your relatives) make the most out of the occasion.

Set the Table and Serve Your Guests

Most family dinners are buffet-style: people grab a paper plate from the stack, wait in line, heap food onto their plates, and stand in the kitchen or crowd around the table as they eat. If you want to really make an impression, plan a sit-down dinner. Make sure to set the table according to the traditional style to make this family dinner one to remember. It’s a nice touch to use place cards at the table so that your guests know where to sit. Also, instead of having your guests build their own plates, let them know that they can stay seated, then serve them right at the table.

Use Real Silverware and Dishware

When you’re planning a large family get-together, your first instinct might be to use paper plates and plastic silverware. They’re cheap, don’t require cleaning, and can be bought in large quantities. But real silverware and dinnerware provides a certain class and elegance that you just can’t get with paper plates. Real plates are also much sturdier than paper plates, and won’t disintegrate under the weight of heavy meats and sauces. And they’re perfect for setting the tone of a formal, sit-down dinner.

Shop for Tasteful Decorations

For a sit-down dinner, a few simple decorations can completely transform the atmosphere of your dining area. Cover the table with a plain tablecloth and add a short centerpiece, like a small vase of flowers. Make sure you use matching silverware and dishware for the entire table. If you use cloth napkins, tie each napkin with a ribbon or a napkin ring. Decorative serving dishes and bowls can also add a special touch. It’s the little things that can create the atmosphere and set your family dinner apart from the usual.

Order Professional Event Catering

Cooking for an entire family can be a huge responsibility; especially if you’re planning a formal, sit-down dinner. For this reason, you might want to consider hiring an event catering company for your event. The talented caterers at Foodini’s will help you build a customized menu, deliver the food to your location, and even serve the food if you’re interested. With caterers in NJ, you won’t have to spend hours cooking in the kitchen. Instead, you can sit down and enjoy a sumptuous meal with the rest of your family. Get in touch with a catering company today and see how fantastic the old classic family dinner can become.

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