Whether you are looking for a personal chef or employ one already, this is a good question to ask. A personal chef is exactly that – personal. You’ll want to find someone that understands not only what you like to eat, but what your diet requires. By choice or by necessity, a healthy, well prepared diet is achievable with the right personal chef who understands and appreciates what their clients need. As a personal chef service in New Jersey, we strive to creatively work within the boundaries of what you do and do not want in your kitchen, preparing the freshest ingredients with care, and serving them in your home.

Do they honor my purchasing preferences?

Your chef needs to know what your preferences are when it comes to buying food. Local? Organic? Non-GMO? If they are purchasing and bringing food into your home for you and your family, it needs to be what you want to consume. A great personal chef makes it personal, communicating and understanding why you prefer certain purchases.

Do they understand my dietary restrictions?

Your chef should have a thorough understanding of your dietary restrictions, whether they are by choice or by medical necessity. From gluten free to paleo to vegan, your preferences will be taken seriously by a dedicated personal chef. They are preparing the meals that will directly affect your family’s wellness, and while it may seem frivolous, it is a vital that they cook for you within the boundaries of what you can and cannot eat.

Do they work well with my household?

When you hire someone to cook for you in your own kitchen, you allow them to be privy to your home life. It is a very personal thing, and can be very rewarding. If they not only cook according to your family’s desires but can fit into the dynamic of your home life, even for the brief times they are a part of it, you’ve found a winner.

Do they offer us plenty of options?

Does your chef bring innovative ideas and creative takes on your favorite meals? When the menu never changes it can be less and less exciting to come home to another boring meal, and more exciting to spend the money to eat out. Does your personal chef give you the opportunity to plan the menu? A good rotation of your favorites keeps it interesting, and a good chef will get creative with your culinary choices.

Do they make my life easier?

A good personal chef will take over the tasks of meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and clean-up. For most households, especially large families, this is an incredibly time consuming task. Hired professional help in the kitchen should not only alleviate the stress of this process, but do all of these tasks well. It should leave you not thinking about it at all, and give you something to look forward to at home – a fresh home cooked meal.

If you are seeking a personal chef in New Jersey, we would love to talk with you about how we can bring all of these qualities to you and your family!

"Creating Culinary Magic"

- Chef John Deatcher

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