A corporate catering event is a chance to welcome new business and keep up ties with existing accounts. Having event catering is also an opportunity for everyone in the office to appreciate the company of their peer group. If you are throwing a party, you’ll want corporate caterers who can make sure the event you have in mind comes to life. In order to get everything off the ground quickly and in style, it’s best to be fully prepared. Before you start, pay close attention to details. With help from Foodini’s, any corporate event will flow with ease and fun.

A Guest List

Any party planner should have a rough estimate of the number of people who are likely to show up. If other people are coming such as spouses, this should be known as soon as possible. A guest list enables the planning to go smoothly. In general, provided weather conditions are good, about nine in ten guests will show up. If there is bad weather such as an unexpected storm, this number may be lower even if the event is being held indoors. It’s also a great idea to create a rain date to prepare for any issues relating to the weather that could delay the event.

The Event Location

Think about the location of the event. A party at corporate headquarters is a good way to introduce guests to the company’s vision. Other settings can offer an element of fun. For example, during the summer, bbq catering NJ at the beach is one way to celebrate the height of summer and showcase the joys of the Jersey shore. Holding the event at a garden in full bloom surrounded by lush plantings is another way to please guests. Make sure there’s enough seating for everyone and a place to set up food.

Great Food

Good food is the foundation of any really well-organized event. Be sure to deliver to everyone in attendance an assortment of different kinds of possible food options during the party. For example, a baked potato bar lets guests enjoy varied toppings and create the personalized baked potato they like best. A wide range of other kinds of food makes everyone happy. Think about highly specific guest considerations. Some people may be vegetarians and on a specific diet such as a low-carb keto diet. Others may have allergies to certain ingredients. Ask guests in advance if they have foods that can trigger allergies. Making sure your guests can eat the food at the party encourages happy conversation and the sense that they are taken care of by the hosts. It’s also imperative to ensure that if there are any vegans or vegetarians that you offer plant-based meals that they would enjoy.

Entertainment Options

Corporate catering events work well with there’s ample entertainment. Music is an ideal choice. Consider a selection in keeping with the company’s industry. From lively jazz to classical music to modern rock and roll, guests will find any party a chance to get up and dance. Live entertainment is a good option for a large group in a larger venue. A popular local band or dance group offers a chance to show off the regional culture to guests visiting from out of town.

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