Choosing the Right Personal Chef for Your Event

Many events are made better with help from a private chef. A private chef brings a world of knowledge to any wedding, corporate celebration, sweet sixteen or milestone event. A private chef can create individualized menus, come to any location, and make any party truly memorable. At Foodini’s, we understand the delight of a well-run … Continued

The Biggest Mistakes New Chefs Make

We all know that chefs are very creative and enterprising individuals. However, they are not perfect. New chefs are still prone to errors, and some continue to make the same faux pas every time they cook. Examples of the biggest mistakes new chefs make include: Trying Too Hard A new chef needs to remember that … Continued

Why You Should Never Order a Steak Well-Done

There is nothing like a good high-quality steak. A thick t-bone, bone-in rib eye, sirloin, or NY strip is just the thing to satisfy that carnal craving that only a steak can satisfy. A steak dinner cannot be compared when accompanied by complimentary side dishes, such as mashed potatoes and a bottle of wine. The … Continued