Catering is a great thing to have on hand. When you’re giving a big event, you want to ensure that everyone at the event has something to eat. One of the most important aspects of making any party or catered event go smoothly is the right menu. A good menu takes into account many factors. You want to ensure there’s a wide variety of items on hand for each guest to enjoy. You also want to think about other factors. These include the setting of the event, the time of day and how people are going to be there.

Variety is Imperative

Variety is essential when putting food out for other people. Everyone has differing tastes. Your caterers in Monmouth County, NJ should be able to provide you with many options. Think about a theme. For example, if you’re having event catering done during the summer, consider a barbecue. At Foodini’s, they know exactly how to help. They can offer all of their clients a wide range of food possibilities for any bbq catering. They can also help you decide what kind of items to offer for each course. Having lots of appetizers, for example, is a great way for any company to allow all guests to mingle. Guests who can pick from items that include dairy products, vegetarian possibilities and items with a kick of spice to them let all guests feel at home. Put out at least three choices for each part of the menu.

The Setting

Another thing to take into account is the setting. The setting of the event may be a large concert hall. You might hold your catering event at a beach or in a private home. Think about how people are going to eat the food you put out. For example, if the event is a sit down dinner, you need to make sure you’re offering items with the right silverware. The same is true of a cocktail party. If you’re having people spend much of their time standing, you want to make sure they can eat the food easily. A series of items like sandwiches and canapes are right for an informal event. Bring out items like steak for a plated meal.

Guests and Time of Day

The number of guests and the time of day of the event should also be factored in carefully. You want to have a menu that lets everyone appreciate the party. Make sure that all the items you pick are items that appeal to a wide range of eaters. Keep in mind that some guests may have allergies or are looking for lighter items. A great catering menu is one that caters to as many people as possible. The same is true of the time of day. An early brunch should have lots of items people usually eat for breakfast. A dinner or lunch party usually has heartier offerings that make the occasion a special one for each guest.

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